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Mar 17, 2008

answers and questions

The answer to the other day's name the film from whence the screen cap doth come contest is...dun dun dunnn, George Romero's The Crazies! Congrats to all of you who answered correctly. Gloat away!

FYI, yes indeed, The Crazies is on the remake list. I can't much be bothered to care...then again, it's Monday and I got nary a wink last night.

In other news, why wasn't Lynn Lowry a bigger star? She worked with some of the best directors of our time- Cronenberg, Demme, Romero- and she was gorgeous. Gorgeous, I tells ya! She still is, actually. One of life's great mysteries, I suppose, not unlike "Who shot JR?"

Even know, that one got solved. Anyway.


Anonymous said...

When all fails, just add sheep.

-Has a flashback to "Evan Almighty"-

Fox said...

Lynn Lowry straddles the line between attractive and demonic. She's like Sissy Spacek, to me, in that way.

Plus, I think I first saw her in *I Drink Your Blood*, so from then on I always associated her with being some type of Manson-child.

Sarah said...

I agree with Fox up there.

I Drink Your Blood is the best movie everrrrr. She plays a mute in that one, since she was hired late in the process and because she was so pretty. She still looks the same today.

Anonymous said...

yeah lynn lowry is pretty hot.
she has that perfect 70s face


Steve Langton said...

Always wondered why real stardom eluded Lowry. Her interview on The Crazies disc is one of my favourite disc extras.

Chris Cooke said...

What's she up to? Singing?

Anyway - this Crazies remake? whatever happened to bullet squibs? Those packs of blood and a small charge that caused a mini explosion as a bullet hit someone - Savini was king of the squibs in my humble opinion. But in the seventies they ruled, from Pekinpah to Romero, they were everywhere, really cheering me and my mates up as chests exploded, people's backs blew out, guts popped (jeez we were twisted little boys)... but now it's all CG'ed blood squirting like a bad cartoon from a human orifice.

WHY? Will there ever be a return to bullet squibs?

Anonymous said...

The Crazies is the only Romero flick I've never seen.

Must take care of that soon.

Arbogast said...

Actually, THE CRAZIES is a perfect movie to remake because the original is so annoyingly split between wonderfully vivid, regional thrills and godawful machinegun editing of scenes with white guys shouting at one another. Romero got the rhythm of the madness of widespread emergency in DAWN OF THE DEAD but here he's just feeling his way in the dark. There's brilliance in THE CRAZIES but I never found it a brilliant movie. This is not to say I think a remake is going to be any good... I'd love to see it kept cheap and local rather than blown up to a mega-million dollar budget (which is, in Hollywood, still "low"). But I never get what I want.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Lowery, in those pictures, looks like if Sissy Spacek & Jessica Biel had a baby.

The Crazies is Romero's most realistic film (that I've seen). It feels like it could happen tomorrow.

Probably will.

Anonymous said...

Okay then.
BLACK SHEEP would've been the wrong answer.
Haven't seen it, but I wanna.
Haven't seen THE CRAZIES, but I shoulda.
Haven't... aw, never minda.