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Mar 27, 2008

Sir Linkzalot

Yo, mamas! Another week, another column over at AMC's Monsterfest Blog. This go-round it's a bit of a loving ode to the glory of 3D horror, albeit delivered in my usual rambly, tangent-laced, is she on The Crack? style. Seriously, I can't believe AMC is letting me play in their sandbox. I feel way out of my league!

The ever-lovin' Piper over at Lazy Eye Theatre has provided the public with a helpful guide to atmospheric water masses. Be informed, kids...and be safe!

Arbogast manages to name-drop photographer Cindy Sherman as he ruminates on the Funny Games poster, which means that Arbogast rules. I loves me some Cindy Sherman, y'all, for reals.

Alright, so today's more like Sir Linkzalittle. There's plenty of good non-Final Girl reading material to be found over in my sidebar, or hit up The Lamb for more. Jesus, I can't do all the work for you, you lazy bastards!


PIPER said...

I'm just here to do my part as an upstanding citizen. I've got a badge and everything.

Unknown said...

Did you hear about this, Stacie?

A Descent 3 already?

Arbogast said...

I think you mean The Desc3nt.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, I forgot the number-in-the-middle thing.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to provide direct e-mail feedback to AMC or to the people running the MonsterFest Blog?

I'd like to tell them that I've been checking them out online after giving up a long time ago on the channel itself [the addition of commercials was bad enough, but editing/censoring films was a deal breaker] and the only reason is you. Currently the blog is pretty generic, but if they keep you and perhaps add some other voices worth hearing (Lyz from would be a dream come true!), then I'll keep coming back - and I might start watching Mad Men as well.

Mr. Karswell said...

I agree, AMC used to be the greatest channel... but for years now now they've been no better than TNT or TBS or USA or one of the million other commercial riddled, edited for TV stations I never watch.

You have a very cool blog here though recomended to me by a fellow horror leaguer! Love it!

CampBlood said...

Great posting over at AMC. I commeneted there yesterday.