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Mar 20, 2008

Bah! I mean...baa.

Check it out, babies. First of all, a huge whopping THANK YOU to everyone who participated in and/or did a ton of reading for this week's Hey Internet, Stop Being Such Cynical Effing Douchebags Blog-A-Thon. I'd say it was a big fat sparkling success- it was great reading about stuff that people love, and I've gotten feedback that people actually enjoyed writing about stuff they love! The whole affair filled me with a burning desire to spend the day listening to The Fifth Dimension, and hopefully we all learned a little something about each other- and ourselves- in the process. Hugz!

So...I'm a lamb! I've gone and joined the Large Association of Movie Blogs, your one-stop shop for...uh, links to movie blogs. There's lots of good goodies to be found, so go check it out. No really, go ahead. I don't mind if you see other blogs, so long as you always come home to me. If you'd like to read my boring answers to some questions- it's all a part of my lamb hazing- then click right the eff here and see what I had to say.

If you'd like to HEAR what I have to say about horror-y stuff, then guess what? You're in luck! This Friday- tomorrow, that is, I'll be a guest on Grindhouse Radio, airing 12am-1am EST / 9pm-10pm PST. Click the link to listen looks like there's even some sort of interactive chat thingy so we can know, interactively chat. I have no idea what we'll be discussing, but it'll be be there AND be square!

All through April I'll be writing a weekly column over at AMC's Monsterfest blog. I'm so excited! I'm about to lose control know what? I think I like it. My first column is up and it's all about everyone's favorite topic- remakes. Please go read it so AMC feels justified in asking me to write for them.

Don't forget, this Monday marks Film Club Day! Get ready for breath is bated already.

One last FYI, I've had the theme from $25,000 Pyramid stuck in my head for a few days now, and I fear it may be starting to drive me mad. Don't get me wrong, I love the theme from $25,000 Pyramid. A few days, however, might be a bit much. How fucking awesome is it, though, that I can click that link and listen to it anytime I want? The Internet RULES!

Speaking of things that rule, here's a picture of Brett Somers.


Fox said...

Congratulations on the new gig! And good first column too!

I will admit to kind of liking the *When A Stranger Calls* (2006). Ok, so maybe it had a tad to do with Camilla Belle being in it... but I found some of the scenes to be kinda crafty.

Adam said...

AMC Monsterfest Blog officially having its face rocked!
Remakes are remakes, they're going to happen, I agree. But the recent trend that really annoys the bejesus out of me is the need to give the killers back story. I think it oversimplifies (Michael Myers was a killer because...his mom was neglectful? Oooh, how insightful Rob Zombie!) and shows a complete disregard for the audience. Does the average horror film care why Leatherface uses a chainsaw? No, of course not. Oh wait, I just figured it out...because he's evil and batshit insane, that's why!

Adam Ross said...

Wow, congratulations! So you're a lamb, you're on the radio and you're on AMC. I think the next step is to be a talking head on a VH1 show, maybe "I Loved to Rollerskate, Part DUDE!"

Tim Bird said...

Way to be Stacie!

This is your first step to mainstream super-stardom. Can't wait to see you on Charlie Rose debating Rex Reed on the cultural significance of horror remakes. I'll be able to say I used to read her back when.

Riunite on ice? That's nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm writing to an almost-celebrity! Congrats on getting the honor to write at AMC.

And for the record, the best theme song out there is Match Game. The beautiful use of the wa-wa petal and a bass line that makes me want to move! $25,000 Pyramid theme is good, don't get me wrong, but I listen to it and I feel like I should be cleaning out a barn with the gang so we can put on a show to save Old Man Turner's soda fountain from an evil real estate developer wanting to turn it into a golf course...or maybe that's just me.

brandi sperry said...

Great column on AMC.

I don't have a problem with remakes in themselves, really. If the movie's a real classic, that's sort of irritating, but it's not like Michael Bay can make us forget Hitchcock. And if the original isn't so iconic, then it especially gets a big "whatever" from me...throw us another Prom Night if you want, I don't mind.

What DOES bother me is the idea that there are writers out there with original ideas that aren't going to get heard because the production companies are so busy digging up the past.

Ross Horsley said...

Aaargh! I've never even heard of $25,000 Pyramid before, but now I can't get the theme out of my head!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the beginning of the Age of Ponder! When your media ubiquity will make you the nonpareil horror expert of the twenty-first century! All will love you and despair!

(And good column!)

Anonymous said...

Oops. That anonymous was me. My bad.

FatalPierce said...

Great news all around! Can we officially start referring to you as a media mogul now?

Oh man, I don't have the theme from $25,000 Pyramid stuck in my head but now that I've thought about that for a minute I can't get "Press Your Luck" out of my head... C'mon big money, no whammy!

Bloody Mary said...

Can I just use this space to commiserate with y'all here, that after going a year without cable, I just got it installed and found out that Match Game is no longer on twice a day on GSN? That was a major portion of my day! When the hell did that happen? I knew I should have been burning them all to DVD :(

I am now going to make with the click-click and get the theme from Pyramid into my head.

And hey, I have to go to the LIBRARY tomorrow to watch my new Scarecrows VHS because my VCR is still in storage, how nerdy am I?!

Karl Hungus said...

It's great to see you join the ranks of the Lamb. Your blog really is a fantastic read.

Anonymous said...

All I can think of with Brett Sommers is that SNL parody of the celebrity-laden '70s game show with Rachel Dratch as Brett...with a man providing her cigarette-affected voice. :D

Dammit, I want to find a copy of that sketch...RIP TAYLOR IS IN IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, Suspiria '09?
Post-googling, I'm actually pretty interested. I mean, Steven Katz and David Gordon Green? They're, um, very not Michael Bay.

paragraph 2: "audiences ignore flee"
In the middle of an extended bug metaphor, this genuinely confused me. I never ignore fleas.]


Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for long time & I've never realized till now how much of a boost bloggers must get from writing something, then having like minded individuals be like "right on", "congrats, that's awesome," "i agree . . . GENIUS"! now your blog is leading to other blogs where people say "right on, congrats, that's awesome, i agree . . . genius!"! Pretty rad!

Anyways, Michael Bay, I guess I SHOULDN'T be offended by the very existence of this square-jawed, blow-dried filmmaker that seems to shoot for the dumbest common denominator. Reading your AMC article, I was ready to relent on my blind hatred.
Then his "awesome" cable tv ad came on. What a douche.

Unknown said...

i'm excited for you! The AMC blog was great today! Good for you! I love it..

Craig Blamer said...

A small thing, but thanks for spelling 'bated' right (well, I wouldn't expect you to get it wrong, but...).

One of the few words that arouses my suppressed pedant when misspelled... like when 'grisly' is spelled 'grizzly'.

Arbogast said...

Oh, great... now Ponder's getting extra credit for correct spelling. Way to over-praise, guys!