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Jan 3, 2008

foreign relations

Did you know that they make movies in languages other than English? I know, I know...I had no idea either! According to my brand new 2008 Fact-A-Day desk calendar, however, it's entirely true.

It seems serendipitous*, then, that I stumbled on the trailer for the new Norwegian horror flick Rovdyr on the very day I learned this startling fact. The film seems to be about a group of teenagers who travel via van into the woods for one reason or another, wherein they are set upon by some woodsy-types intent on doing them harm. I know, I know...but it's not a remake!

See the trailer for yourself.

What I almost find the most interesting is the teeny-tiny logo for Lee Jeans in the bottom left corner of the poster. It's just not right, somehow.

*Yes, 'serendipitous'. Last year I had a Word-A-Day desk calendar!


Anonymous said...

Well, as Stacie's official Dull Language Consultant® (not Dull-Language Consultant®, that's someone else), I need to report that rovdyr means carnivore (or more broadly construed, predator [cf. German Raubtier]).

So even the title is kind of remakey.

That is all.

Adam Ross said...

Lee jeans advertising meeting:

"With no end in sight to the Writer's Strike, we need to tap the next wave of quality entertainment: Norwegian horror films!"

FatalPierce said...

Just wait until you find out that all of the teens killed in the woods were wearing Brand X jeans. But those who entered in their new stylish comfortable Lee's got through without a scratch.

Non English movies...that reminds me, I need to make time for "Audition" one of these nights.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, they used the music from Last House on the Left in the trailer, but the movie looks more like Just Before Dawn meets Deliverance. Could be really cool...or utter crap!

Joseph Emmerth said...

I've often wondered how much I'm missing by simply not being aware of other countries' efforts on the horror front. Ironically (for this thread, anyway) it was after watching a friend's copies of "Audition" and "Iron Man Tetsuo" that I thought to myself, 'Holy crap, am I missing some really awesome stuff from other cultures?' You should do a month of film clubs using foreign films:)

kindertrauma said...

I recommend 2004's CALVAIRE " THE ORDEAL" It's a great twisted DELIVERANCE style endurance test and the cinematography from Benoit Debie (IRREVERSIBLE and JOSHUA) is extraordinary!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Stacie

Norway seems busy making great horror films right now - Cold Prey was a really traditional, down the line slasher film, but it had good characterisation and a great setting (check that out if you haven't already and I missed you writing about it in which case don't check it out and sorry for time wasting)...

calvaire was released here in the UK as The ordeal - what a great, funny, twisted and plain 'wrong' film that is...