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Nov 8, 2007

Remember her?

Remember that chick Mandy Lane, and how, like, all the boys totally loved her? And remember how I saw it and I was all "Ooh, yeah, you should totally see it, it's so good!" and then, like, 15 minutes before it was supposed to open in theatres the Weinsteins were all "Pfft. We ain't putting that film out, positive reviews and good word of mouth or no positives reviews and good word of mouth! We am dum dums!" and then I told you that they said that and you were all "Aww, man, I so wanted to see it!" and I was like "I know, right? They suck." and you were going "Uh huh" and I said, like, I will so totally update you when I have more info about this movie!" and you were all "Okay" and then we probably started talking about something else because that was months and months ago and as much as I liked Mandy Lane I do need to talk about other things from time to time, things such as the best movie ever, or Melrose Place, or how I stubbed my toe wicked bad yesterday, or the Teapot Dome Scandal, or that I'm thinking about maybe buying some eggs.

Remember that?

Anyway, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane will finally hit theatres this March. Yay!


Sarah said...

Part of me feels "Yippee!" about it, and part of me feels doubtful that it's going to come out in March. I am scorned, I tells ya! SCORNED!

But I also feel doubtful because I live in a smaller city and it's a crapshoot as to what smaller movies are going to show up here. Either way, this movie has been on my "Save" list on Netflix for months now.

Anonymous said...

That's cool and all, but when is "All the Boys Love the Teapot Dome Scandal" (subtitled: "Die Harding" because, ummm, you know, Warren Harding was president at the time...I'm working way too hard for this joke) coming out.

Goose said...

Out or not in March, I want to see it. They could put is straight to DVD if they wish. I don't really care as long as I get to see the damn thing.
I hate when I see really cool previews for movies I cannot find or never get released. Its such a let down, and there is already so much that lets us down, who needs this too.

Unknown said...

that's such a coincidence that you wrote about this movie because I was looking for it on amazon because I thought it went straight to DVD...and it seems like they were listing it like it was but now that you brought this to my attention! The girl who plays Mandy is super cute and I have a little crush on her. Hidden Palms? C'mon people it wasn't so bad!

Steve said...

They played it at the Frankfurt (Germany) Horror/Fantasy Movie Week back in August or was it July? I'm guessing they have re-edited it based upon some of these festival reviews.

Anonymous said...

I won't hold my breath for Mandy to be released... same of Trick or Treat, damn you Hollywood!!