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Nov 26, 2007

Lame Week: Day 1

So, listen, I'm totally trapped within an evil web of deadlines this week and I won't have time to review anything except perhaps a sandwich. However, I don't want to leave you all high and dry whilst I toil away because, as you know, I care. And so, it is born: LAME WEEK! Wherein I cram tiny little scraps of content into your gaping maws to keep you from rioting...tiny little scraps that mostly involve other people doing the hard work for me.

For example, our friends over at Bleeding Skull uploaded a trailer to YouTube that I've seen countless times- if you're anything like me (and who isn't?) once you watch it, you'll want to watch it again. Yes, it's a trailer for a film that has long been on my ABSOLUTELY MUST EFFING SEE list...I give you...THE CHILD (1977)!

"I don't have to tell you anything!" is one of the best-delivered lines in the history of ever and you know it. And excuse me..."hide and go kill"? That's a great tagline. In fact, it would make a great movie title. I guess there are 51 horror movies I'd like to see.

Isn't this post lame? Welcome to Lame Week 2007!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on meeting all of your evil deadlines, Stacie, and thanks for still thinking of us while you are ensnared in that web.

("Gaping Maws" sounds like the title of a hardcore hillbilly porno.)

Jason Adams said...

Hee, that trailer's awesome. I love that the "scary" music in the background sounds like it was recorded off one of those piano players you'd shoot in the head in a shooting gallery.

And best of luck with the real world bullshit, Stacie! Mmm sandwich.