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Oct 15, 2007

Eyegore, yougore...

Earlier this month I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Eyegore Awards with my super duper pal Amanda By Night. What the eff are the Eyegore Awards, you ask? Good question. Basically, it was a celebtastic way for Universal Studios to kick off Halloween Horror Nights; there was a little ceremony- err, excuse me, a little (and I do mean little) scaremony where a handful of genre stars received a little statue for reasons that remain vague- their contributions to the genre, I suppose?

At any rate, we saw Michael Berryman, Corey Feldman, Don Mancini (creator of Child's Play), Shawnee Smith, Sheri Moon Zombie, David Arquette (on behalf of his sister Patricia), and Rob Zombie (on behalf of Roger Corman) all win awards in the 20-minute lightning-fast, oddly subdued cerescaremony. There was hobnobbing before and afterwards; there was free booze- in which I couldn't partake because I drove to the event (dammit), but Amanda tied one on; there was free food but none of it was vegetarian so I was screwed there, too. However, attending the award show also got us free entry into the theme park that night, so off we went to face off against Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface.

Each movie maniac had his own large "maze" house- you wander through, and Freddies and Jasons and the such jump out at you. Standard stuff, but always fun. The houses were really well done and there was lots more to see we simply didn't have time for. Speaking of time, why am I wasting it recapping the event here when you can read a full report from me and Amanda by clicking right here? Boy, I'm inefficient- someone's got a case of the Mondays!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, could you at least be so kind as to wax poetic about the Freddy house just a bit? For me? *bats eyelashes*

M said...

I love the part where Amanda says drinking has made her a better person. :D

insomniac said...

That's what I do every weekend. I'm just a dead camper at Camp Chaos.. OoOo... I'll post pics on the forum.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!
That whole article reminds me of the commentary on RESIDENT EVIL with Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez. I think they were drinking during it. And all their commentary seemed to be just them talking back and forth, and not necessarily about the movie.
In spirit you and Amanda sounded the same way, although you guys always remember to bring it back to the subject at hand at least.
See? THAT'S the difference between professionals and higher paid amateurs!

Stacie Ponder said...

Mariana, trust me- drinking DOES make her a better person! :D

Cattle- the awards were so short, this was the only way we could really come up with an interesting write-up. It's like you guys were there with us!

The Freddy house was set up like the insane asylum from Part 3. You walk through different rooms and down different corridors, and there was a Freddy in just about every room waiting to pop out at you. There were some of the recognizable deaths, like the girl with the TV set on her head and the puppet boy...there was a roach motel room with a squishy floor and a girl with bug arms walking around. My favorite touch, I think, was the faces pressed through the wall, like in the original film where Freddy appears over Nancy's bed. Tres cool!