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Oct 14, 2007

The Sunday Edition

Check it, yo: the nominee list for those 31 Willies Flicks- a whopping 180 films in total- went up at Ed Hardy's Shoot the Projectionist today. Git yerself over there and vote vote vote, then tune in on Halloween to see who takes the cake and who...doesn't. I'm pleased- pleased as punch, I say- that every one of my 31 choices made the list; I choose to think that this is because I have my finger on the pulse of everything that's cool and good and scary in the world of horror, not because I'm unoriginal.

Phase two of this Willies List project- the voting- is going to prove to be much more difficult than simply coming up with 31 films to nominate, because the voting is weighted. That means I have to rank my choices, and that seems impossible. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time staring off into space and pondering (ha ha ha...get it? PONDERing? My name is a verb!) for this task. Damn you, Ed Hardy! Damn you!

In other other BIG FAT HUGE NEWS, I got to interview Elvira about her reality show, The Search for the Next Elvira.

Let me repeat...I spoke to Elvira. Trust me, I am not exaggerating in the least when I say it was a bit like talking to Jesus for me. Early on this October, your pal and mine The Retropolitan wrote all about the Mistress of the Dark in a post titled Why I Love Elvira, and reading his thoughts were like...uh, reading my own.

I have such fond memories of staying up late to watch Movie Macabre- I got to watch crappy horror movies (which sometimes scared me despite the crappiness) and I got to hear wisecracks and bad jokes from...gasp...another girl. Little Final Girl found a bit of a role model in Elvira, what with her love of all things spooky and her fucking impeccable comic timing, and getting the opportunity to actually tell her as much was priceless. Yes, I couldn't resist gushing a bit during the interview- honestly, it was all I could do not to simply giggle like a simpleton and blurt out "You're Elvira!" the whole time; had it been anything but a phone interview, I likely would have done so. I could barely contain myself whenever she uttered a word in her trademark inflection- and if you're familiar with Elvira, you know what I'm talking about: "haaa-larious", "hell-lo!", and "l-l-l-looooves", for starters.

Read it here, peeps...I'm still giddy.


Anonymous said...

Elvira is the coolest person who ever lived.
I just got a couple of her new movie macabre dvd's and they are just as fun as I remembered plus you can watch them w/o the Elvira -but who in their right mind would want to do that?! great deal, and great picture quality.

Stacie Ponder said...

LOL, Retro.

I've been watching those DVDs, too...ugh, they're SO good.

It looks like it was shot for about a buck fifty, which is AWESOME. The set and the lightning are just so fucking cool.

She's on my short list of heroes.

spazmo said...

Stacie - I can't read it.
And this sucks because I adore Elvira. "Mistress of the Dark" has got to be one of the most fun and quotable movies ever!

But keeps saying I have an invalid IP address...

Those elitist bastards!

Anonymous said...

You're so cool. I'm, like, the biggest Elvira fan in the world. It was a sad, sad day when Movie Macabre ceased. I'm suprised it's never been re-syndicated.

I bought her box of DVDs a couple of years ago. It's funny - they give you the option of watching the flick with or without Elvira...why would anyone watch these movies WITHOUT Elvira? Purists, I guess...bah...

Arbogast said...

I heard Cassandra on the radio this morning and it was great to hear that voice again, unchanged for the passage of 25 years since I used to watch her as a college student in New Haven (man, I wasn't even 25 years old then). She sounded great, funny, sexy and most of all Elviraesque.

Stacie Ponder said...

Spazmo- contact and let her know; at times the site's spam control is a little too sensitive.

I love the Elvira love!

Melizer said...

And no matter what, she never changed: her hairstyle was always the same, she wore the same dress, and her boobs remained enormous year after year.

When is Elvira just going to admit she's immortal? She and Dick Clark obviously made a deal with the devil.

And step off, All-Bran!