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Oct 25, 2007

links, yo.

Am I busting out a links post because I'm lazy today? Yes...yes, I am. Wait, that's not true. I'm not lazy...I just don't feel like reviewing a movie, particularly one I've seen before. There, I said it. I feel like making a link list. I can do whatever I want to do, you're not the boss of me.

Put your pitchforks down, won't you, and take my hand as I embark on a tour of The Internet.

You think you're so big: AMC's Monsterfest blog is running The Ultimate Halloween Fan Quiz, wherein you can test your mettle against 13 questions of Halloween trivia. They're even giving away prizes, because they're cool like that. How many answers can you get without cheating? Are you a Halloween Master? Huh? Are you?

I think I'm so big: No, I don't. But the point is twofold: over at Reading in the Dark, blogger Kestrell was kind enough to throw some interview questions my way as part of her 13 Days of Halloween celebration. I've done some interviews in my capacity as a comic book inker, but I believe this is my first interview related solely to Final Girl. What's up with that? Why aren't more of you asking me questions? Don't you care what I think? Aren't you simply dying to know more about me, my opinions, my knick-knack collection? Hmm? Well, aren't you?


Point two: in the current issue of Sirens of Cinema magazine (on newsstands now!) (hence the "current"!), you can read a super-deluxe expanded version of my interview with Marilyn Burns. Oh yes, we talked about much, much more than I revealed on Pretty/Scary. And you'll have to pay real, live money to read all about it, mua ha ha! The issue also features an interview with actress Melissa Bacelar conducted by my friend and yours Amanda By Night, so there's even more incentive for you.

Speaking of contests: The Retropolitan has been running all sorts of contests over at Tales to Astonish!, the most recent of which is a "Name the Terror TV Tune!" type of thing. I performed so miserably it wasn't even worth responding. I so hate myself.

There's still time: to get in on the Double-Bill-A-Thon happening over at Broken Projector. I'm gonna try to try to participate, but that's all I can do. Dis month is wack, yo!

Stupid Halloween: Last week at The Horror Blog, we folks of yon Roundtable disclosed some depressing tales of lousy Halloweens past. My memories are still vivid.



Adam Ross said...

"Why aren't more of you asking me questions? Don't you care what I think?"

I seem to recall someone asking you a few questions on some obscure site awhile ago. The name escapes me at the moment ... but the guy who ran it really had some ideas. Sure, a few of them got him into trouble, but the poin--oh wait, here's the link right here.

Stacie Ponder said...


I guess I'm just looking for interviews I can be proud of, Adam.



CampBlood said...

I know you didn't forget the great contests & festivities at Sideshow Collectibles SPOOKTACULAR 2007....

Get over there & get some ghoulish goodies & have some freaky fun!!!!