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Sep 11, 2007

picking and burning

Now that we have Rob Zombie's Halloween out of the way, it's time for me to choose another Film Club title...yay!
As some of you may be aware, today sees the long-awaited official release of the cult-fave 1981 slasher The Burning. Thrill! to the adventures of Cropsy as he chases a hirsute Jason Alexander! Yes, folks, The Burning is what it is...and additionally, it's the next Film Club choice as well. I've seen it, but I've never seen it uncut...supposedly the DVD is the film in all its gory glory.

It's available on Netflix here, and if you're one of those who likes to buy stuff, it's not so expensive on Amazon here. No matter how you catch it, though, catch it in time for the next Club's about as prime an '80s slasher as prime gets!

The film: The Burning
The due date: Monday, October 8


John Barleycorn said...


Amanda By Night said...

I love this movie and I'm so glad it's found its way onto DVD in all its uncut glory.

I'll be there!

-Chris- said...

Great pick, I can't watch this enough. Now I can get rid of my terrible R rated VHS.

Melizer said...
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Melizer said...

The movie poster makes this look like a romance novel.

Is this a kissing movie?!

Arbogast said...

Yeah... kiss of death!

Anonymous said...

Yet another piece of my childhood now available for rental, as part of my $17.99/month plan with Netflix. Thanks for the heads up, and for your fantastic site, Stacie.

I remember The Burning for being a full pint slasher flick without any jokey after taste. The scene where four campers get hacked up on the raft at the same time is a classic.

I always wondered what Cropsey's childhood was like though. You know, what drove him to pick up the garden shears. Maybe the remake will explain all of this to me.

spazmo said...

What? Don't tell me they're remaking this one too. For the love of little green apples, when will it end?

Can't they just follow proper 80's conventions and simply make a sequel?

They could call it "Burning 2: The Blistering". Or...maybe something slightly better.

Anyway, I'll be blogging this with bells on, Stacie! It was effective in its censored form, so it's bound to be wild in its fully restored state!

Arbogast said...

They could call it "Burning 2: The Blistering"

I prefer "The Puckering."

Stacie Ponder said...

"Is this a kissing movie?!"
Why, yes...yes it is. The "burning" actually happens "down there" after "kissing" too many "unsavory characters". I thought it was time the Film Club had a discussion about STDs.

The more you know...

Corey said...
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Anonymous said...

I watched The Burning again last week, last time I saw it was about 20 yrs ago, it found it to be a very mechanical & offensive film...little more than an excuse to show young women naked & mostly young women cut up.

My view on these type of films has changed since I was younger, I can't find any worth in a story about a burns victim reduced to being called a "monster" going round killing people for no reason & the puritanism that underlies the film is highly dubious.

The Bava film on which these films are based has the style, wit & humour that is absolutely necessary to counter the extreme violence.

beedubelhue said...

I've had the uncut Dragon region 2 release for years,the gore is much tastier than the Thorn EMI vhs I remember mowing lawns to be able to rent all those moons ago as a teenager.As far as the film being offensive in its existence as a vehicle to be brutal to women and poke fun at burn victims...I completely agree.The film's makers should have shown brutally burned women and shown Cropsy naked instead.Sheesh,Dom,grow a spinal column.


BTW love the blog,great stuff!~

Unknown said...

This movie rules and the DVD is definitey uncut and awesome. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say..