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Sep 14, 2007

omg! awesome movie poster friday

Croaked (1975), also known as Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake, received a miserable 1.8/10 on imdb. This poster is certainly fitting in with that dreadful rating: the awfully-drawn fearful "woman" looks like the result stemming from a wild night of passion between a blow-up doll, Zap of the American Gladiators, and a half gallon of spray-on tan. Of course, none of this means I don't want to see this film rather desperately.

Okay, I know this next one is way more sci-fi than horror, but I couldn't NOT include it. I mean...the UFO is a fucking chandelier. Add to that "Erik" and "Estrada", two words I love when they're linked together in one name, and I'm all over this. That spaceship will never get old!

Beyond the Door (1974) is simply another in a long line of sub-par Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby ripoffs. This poster is exactly what would have given little Final Girl nightmares, though, so for that, Beyond the Door...I commend thee!


Arbogast said...

You see a chandelier, I see the hub of a ceiling fan whose blades have all flown off because they let a girl install it. But that's art for you.

Anonymous said...

I remember when "Beyond the Door" came out. I so desperately wanted to see it, but I never did. I couldn't get my parents to take me...stupid parents. Maybe I should thank them for it now.

M said...

"This time the frog dissects you!" I didn't know I needed to see this movie untill I saw the poster, thank you! :D

Chadzilla said...

Put me on the "Beyond the Door" poster and newspaper ads scared me so bad that I was even afraid to look in the entertainment section. Ditto the ads for "Beyond the Door Part 2."

Must...see..."Croaked." NOW!!!"Alien Seed."

"Day of the Dead" is such a wonderful poster. When I get mine autographed by George Romero I'm going to get it framed and hang it in my living room.

Rey Nova said...

"beyond the door"..nice poster. And "Alien seed" is a movie that i can`t never see. Maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Croaked poster looks like something some high-school dudes drew between periods while getting a bit whiffy on the marker fumes.

I do, however, salute their Linnaean or classical-language bona fides.

And nice American Gladiators call. Le show juste.