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Jul 25, 2007


Please please please please please let this be as good as I want it to be:

OK, my babies, I'm off to Nerd Prom for a few days...Nerd Prom, of course, being San Diego Comicon. It's my first time- I hope it's gentle! It looks to be completely insane, or at least more insane than most years- Saturday is completely sold out. I'm tellin' ya, there's gonna be a total nerdquake.

I doubt if I'll be posting any updates from the show over the weekend, but you never know. There's so much stuff going on it's a bit mind-boggling, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited about the whole thing.

I'll be signing at the IDW booth (#2229) on Friday from 3-4, so if you're going to be nerdin' it up this weekend, stop by and say hi. And if you're not nerdin' it up (in San Diego, anyway), behave yourself and tell me about any good movies you watch while I'm gone.

NO, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. If we're all patient and quiet and we don't draw any attention to it, I'm sure it will pass.


Melizer said...

When you get you know of any bad-ass vigilante girl comic book heroes that aren't all skankified?

Anonymous said...

Nancy Allen is terrifically creepy at the end of Murder By Death.

Anonymous said...

Walker. sorry...

Tom the Dog said...

Hey, I'll be there Friday! But I'll be at the Rob Zombie Halloween preview from 2:30 to 4:00!! Why, oh why would you schedule your appearance during the most awesome horror panel of the whole convention?? I'll stop by afterward and see if you're still at the booth. Hope so, I really enjoy this blog.

spazmo said...

At first glance, I read that you were going to be singing at the IDW booth, and I wailed in frustration at my inability to witness this unprecedented and glorious spectacle.

Not that getting an autograph wouldn't be totally cool, too.

I believe Joss Whedon is going to be there the next day at around five. Would you mind stuffing him into the back of your ride for me? I'll happily pay for the cost of the Chloroform and whatever shipping fees you might incur. (I live way up in Canada, so remember to punch some holes in the container!)

Stacie Ponder said...

Missy- Once my brain recovers and begins to function fully again, I'll come up with a list for you!

Tom- Like they say in Mother Russia, you don't have signings...signings have YOU. Or something. Doesn't it figure that my one pitiful hour to shine came up against the panel I REALLY should have attended? Stupid schedules.

Spaz- The idea of me singing ANYWHERE would indeed make for a most glorious and vomitorious spectacle. And I'm sorry, but I wouldn't dare incur the wrath of the Whedonites for the world! I probably could've gotten away with stuffing Marc Singer into my trunk for you, though. :D

Melizer said...

Thanks, Stacie. This is Missy. I signed up with Blogger so I could have a profile pic, so the name on my posts from now on will be "melizer".