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Jul 10, 2007

Icon Status

The other day I noticed how dreadfully dull my computer desktop looked with nothing but folders folders folders. "Wouldn't it just be the neatest thing", I thought, "if I had little picture icons instead of those boring old folders? Yes. Yes, it would be the neatest thing", I continued to think. "I wonder if I can figure out how to make my own icons- surely I have nothing better to do!"

So, like some sort of technological level-34 wizard ninja bard, I learned how to make desktop icons. I managed to make a set for Dawn of the Dead and a set for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Check these out! Click to enlarge.

The van cracks me up.

I've got plenty more ideas and I'll be making more sets as I feel the need to procrastinate instead of, like, work. Feel free to suggest some, though. Eventually I'll earn enough experience to become level-35 wizard ninja bard and I'll figure out a way to make the icons downloadable for all the world to share. In the meantime, my "Midget Porn" folder looks kickass now that it's Zombie Flyboy instead of a stupid plain blue manila thing.

DON'T FORGET! This Friday is the Friday the 13th Blog-A-Thon. I can't wait to see what you people come up with. I wonder what I'll come up with.


Anonymous said...

Very nice icons! "Crosshairs" and "Cigarface" are my personal faves. Also the 4th from left, top row -- or, as I like to think of him, "Tech Support of the Dead".

The first suggestion that came to mind is The Descent. It's this really obscure movie about a bunch of women from New Zealand who go caving. I'm sure you've never heard of it?

Kidding aside, that (wonderful) movie is "obscure" in a different sense of the word, as most of it takes place in very very darky dark darkness. Though it kicked my ass from the getgo, it wasn't until my third viewing that I completely figured out who was who all the way through.

So my proposal: Icons for The Descent! Then new viewers could go in with, like, a scorecard or cheat sheet or a mental map of faces/names. So they won't be confused whether that's Becca or Beth hanging by one hand from a rusty, loosening piton.

But enough with the "useful" icon set suggestions. For the sheer joy of having icons from Dead Alive, I'd gladly eat my own ear off.

Anonymous said...

mmmm...midgets I just watched Killer Workout, and that movie was exactly as you said, pure gold. No need for too much thinking! Would a safety pin to the forehead kill a man? Probably not...but it's more fun if it does. Are there handles on car doors so you can exit vehicles while knives are being driven down on you? Yes...but they use them? Do all your characters need names? No. ..just have some safety pin bait.

Throw in a dream sequence, two indistinguishable male characters, more gratuity than you can dress is spandex, and the best ending ever. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Boy am I glad I'm not the only one who has a picture of Leatherface wielding a chainsaw adorning my Midget Porn folder. I was really getting a little self-conscious about it untill now. I mean come on (no pun), how much cooler could your midget porn collection be unless you put a creepy (as if porn needed a creepy icon to itself) icon to manifest the duality of mankind's needs vs a perceived misogynistic icon of lust! 'Cause I loves me some sub 5' porn dontchaknow! The only thing better is relating it to a cultural icon depicting the baser of mankinds needs with... the baser needs of man!! Okay I'm a little inebriated right now so I don't have my midget porn right here in front of me (go figure, I check your site before that one ;), but then again.... Who doesn't want to go to munchkin land every now and again? Okay I'll leave the canabil ref's out for now :)

Chop-a-holic still can't figure out google's new system dammit

Anonymous said...

Cool icons. The best is the van, hilarious.

I recommend icons of all the friday 13th final girls, or just your personal favorite final girls. And throw in a picture of you as an icon since you are OUR favorite final girl. :)

**Spider man music plays**
Final girl, final girl, final girl, here she comes, fighting against the bad bad slashers! Final Girl will kick their asses! Oh yeah, here comes the Final Girl!

Squish said...

Stacie you're awesome. Muerte Flyboy and Krishna are my definite faves. Could you do a Wooley, or one of the 2 zombie kids. OH ONE OF THE HELICOPTER HEAD CHOP!

I know as soon as you asked the question, Army of Darkness / Evil Dead came to mind, RIGHT?, I mean I KNOW it did, and you're already working hard on it. I know you did.

Friday the 13th icons for the Thon? like different permutations over the years? bag head, icky face, all the different masks?

I was gonna say an eclectic mix of CLASSIC ICON icons. Bela, Chaney, Max Shreck - You know if you teach me I'd be glad to help :P

Anonymous said...

I think you gotta make some Exorcist icons. Pazuzu, Captain Howdy, possessed Regan(s)...

Steve said...

So cool! Now I know how I am going to spend my Friday, er, I mean, spare time, haha.

So many options, and not even limited to the horror genre. I mean, yeah Halloween is a must, but what about Wild Zero, Mallrats, Reservoir Dogs....

Hmmm, hope my Saturday night isn't too full, haha.