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Jul 16, 2007

art day

OK, everybody...set your Wayback Machine for awesome VHS box art!

Yup, it's Slaughter High (1986), a delightful slasher romp set during a high school reunion. Who wouldn't want to see this flick after spying that box on the shelf?

I caught this movie last week and I'll probably right up a review of some sort, but all my mushy brain can handle today is posting a purdy picture. Slaughter High was a million tons of fun, though, I'll tell you now.



Amanda By Night said...

Marty Rantzin RULES!

Nice box art. Totally different from mine.

I heart Harry Manfredini!

I can't wait to see what you have to say about this movie - the best movie ever!

Anonymous said...

awesome! I love old box art

Anonymous said...

Vestron Video International - ahhhh, those were the dayz.

(See how I used the wacky "z as a plural" spelling? Who says I'm not hep...)

Jason Adams said...

God I watched this like five times in junior high, but haven't seen it since; blast from the past! I think I remember an inexplicable scene where a riding lawnmower was dropped on someone's torso...?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm going out on a limb and saying the awesomest part of that box is that dude with the glasses going all Scanners or whatever. Acting!!!