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Apr 21, 2007

Have no fear...

...or should I say, have a lot of fear? Either way, rest assured that the Animals Run Amok Week 2 festivities will pick up again on Monday and run all week. Animals of all kinds have tried to take over the world so many times, you see, and I want to see every attempt.

In remake news- what other kind of horror news is there, lately?- a hot tip from reader Michelle has let it be known that my beloved April Fool's Day is the next up at the plate. It's not even worth getting in a tizzy over, as it seems The Powers That Be are hellbent on remaking every single horror movie ever. In spring 2010, be sure to look for the remake of Rob Zombie's Halloween remake!

The April Fool's Day updating is being helmed by the Butcher brothers, who brought audiences the After Dark Movie Fest entry The Hamiltons. What's with all the brother duos making movies? Where are the sister duos? Come on, ladies, let's get it the fuck together. April Fool's Day was a box office flop; it hit screens as the slasher flick heyday was coming to an end, and audiences didn't much care for the twist ending. Audiences are so dumb sometimes. Will the remake keep the twist? Or will it feature the legendary as-yet-unseen third act?

The greatest thing I'm wishing for out of this remake would be a deluxe DVD release of the original film, this time around with commentary from stars Deborah Foreman, Amy Steel, Deborah Goodrich, and Clayton Rohner. See, the cast was a huge factor in the original film's effectiveness. Let's see you match that, remake! I pity the fool who gets cast as Muffy/Buffy.


Josh DeSlasher said...

Eeeeeew, "a remake". :( Or should I say, "a remakes"! Too many are flooding our screens. Hurry! Barracade the doors. They're coming, and it's not pretty.

That DVD will be a treat, no matter how photoshopped the title artwork is. Amy Steel, I love thee!

-Body Boy (

Joseph Emmerth said...

Hey there,

Thanks for producing such a cool blog! I found it through the link in this month's Rue Morgue magazine. I've often thought of starting something like this myself, although it seems like there are many doing it much better than I could. Thanks for the witty posts, they really crack me up! Keep up the good work.

Joseph Emmerth, Chicago, IL

spleenal said...

I see the sea lion(?) has a copy of 'slugs' under his fliper. They made it in to a film did they?
Back when I had to time to read I read the book the day after I read 'rats'. It's the same book!
It's like shaun got a copy of the rats by james herbert and started to write his new book by swapping the word rat for slug.
It read like a sequel. "rats 2 this time it's slugs"
I still enjoyed it though.

Stacie Ponder said...

Joseph, thanks for stopping by! Hope you stick around. I heart Rue Morgue.

"Rats 2: This Time It's Slugs"...that's awesome. Using that approach, you could make anything a sequel to anything!

Titanic 2: This Time It's a Shark

Cujo 2: This Time It's an Elderly Person

spleenal said...

Pirahna 3: the quickening?