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Apr 14, 2007

Jason vs Benny

A couple of days ago, I'd planned on linking you to the trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween over yonder at Yahoo Movies. Then the yaysayers could say "That looks wicked killah!", the naysayers could say "I hated his other movies and there is no hope!", and the remaining few could say "We'll see!".

However, the MPAA has deemed the trailer too violent and Yahoo subsequently pulled it. Even the MPAA cannot stop the mighty power of YouTube, however (for the time being at least), and you can catch the trailer right here (thanks to Jess for the link!)

This is definitely going to be a much...violenter Halloween than any we've seen in the past.

Yes, I said 'violenter'. Me talk good. Hey, if Hellraiser 7 can be Hellraiser: Deader...I mean, that doesn't make any sense, either. In fact, I think the next entry in the series should be Hellraiser: Violenter, don't you? Let's start an internet petition! I'll be awaiting your call, Hollywood!

Here's a somewhat funny Friday the 13th/Benny Hill mashup- yes, Jason and Benny, two great tastes that are finally tasting great together. This almost makes Friday the 13th Part 5 seem like an appealing movie!


Anonymous said...

File me under the yaysayers. I really hadn't given the film much thought before seeing this trailer, but I'm looking forward to it now.


Anonymous said...

That Benny Hill thing was really AWESOME.
No, seriously. I know I use the word "awesome" way too frequently, but suddenly, the possibilities of slapstick gags and horror shocks seen as interchangeable events merely through the choice of music becomes a fascinating theoretical premise.
To ME.
But, what if you DID approach constructing a horror film like a Keystone Kops film, but not to make it funny, to make it scary? Is there actually real possibilities there?
With a little thoughtful substitution, Sam Raimi did a literal homage to the THREE STOOGES in EVIL DEAD 2, merely through contextual change in replacing blood leaking in a house for water leaking in a house (the specific STOOGES film had cast them as hapless plumbers) although I think the Christian relationship/interpretation of the same sequences is purely coincidental... um...
But, I'm afraid I'm semi-serious about this.
How interesting...

Aside from that... that clip was funny shit, too.

OK, to answer my own question, slapstick and scares probably aren't interchangeable universally, but that still was an eye-opening bit of film and the use of different music to completely change the context of the situation.
I could also see that same music used in a future TCM sequel or some other maniac family situation, except the family plays it intentionally as they chase a screaming victim all over the place as some sick entertainment.

insomniac said...

You're welcome!

And I always thought that Jason and Benny would have made great partners!

Anonymous said...

Here is my favorite "mesh up":/
Not a slasher movie but still very funny/scary.
I've hated all the remakes of the past few years but the Halloween Remake might just be okay.
I actually like the crazy Tommy character in part 5- and the final girl isn't too bad either.

Anonymous said...

That was the same trailer that was shown when I saw "Grindhouse." Maybe I'm jaded, but it doesn't seem all that violent to me.

Anonymous said...

That was great. LOL