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Apr 10, 2007

Ridiculous Faces of Death 6

It seems that even body-horror maestro David Cronenberg can't resist a little cross-eyed corpse action. Witness this goon from Scanners:

" am dead!"

From The Department of Awesome:

Remember Heidi, the Glamorous Assistant from The Initiation? Yes, of course you do.

Well, Joy Tipping, the actress who brought our favorite Glamorous Assistant to life, found her way here to Final Girl and left us a Glamorous Comment:

"I sure appreciate all the Heidi-love I'm seeing..."

How friggin' cool is that? Go read the rest of her comment right here and let her know how much we heart Heidi!

In other news...

This arrived in my mailbox yesterday:

I'll see you all in 50 years when I'm finally tired of watching it. It's a GAS!


Anonymous said...

Lori Williams AND Tura Satana in the same movie? You know it's gotta rule! Plus, it such a good looking movie - very clear, clean black and white.

Dave S said...

you know, one of my best birthdays occured when i rented the local rep theatre and had them show 'faster pussycat, kill! kill!'. since it was a private function and the theatre was closed to the public, we were able to brings drinks into the theatre. most of my friends had never seen the flick before, and, man, that was a gas.

Amanda By Night said...

This is a great DVD to own!


Amanda By Night said...

Oh yeah, it's official.

Heidi RULES! Forget what I said about Tura... :)

Gregory Joseph said...
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Gregory Joseph said...

Hey, just stumbled upon yr blog. Really diggin' it. I publish a cult flick/VHS zine where I put most reviews I write (w/ some buddies), but I'm trying to start posting more reviews online. Uploaded a review of Final Terror today, so I was suprised to find yr review of this strange film here.

Cronenberg just digs weird faces I think. There are strange looking extras all over his first batch of films.

Anonymous said...

FASTER< PUSSYCAT is playing on Turner Classic Movies April 22 at 2 AM, for those of us who can't find a DVD- and yes, it will apparently be uncut!

By the way, i love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ah one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this particular blog.

Faster Pussycat! is gold.