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Mar 30, 2007

I am SO outta here

And so I take my leave of you, Faire Readers, for the weekend. I'll be putting in a stint at Cinema Wasteland as Final Girl, Cub Reporter, covering the events there for Pretty/Scary. Isn't that exciting? Yes...yes, it is.

If you're going to be at the con, be sure to look for me: I'll be sporting a bright blue muumuu- it's my conventionin' muumuu!

I sincerely hope to get involved with some Carl Kolchak-style hijinks while I'm there, like maybe the lifesize cardboard Pinhead standee in the corner will come to life at night and start killing people. I'll be the one who figures it out, but no one will heed my warnings and then I'll have to sneak onto the con floor after hours with my little camera and I'll have to fight the lifesize cardboard Pinhead'll end up burned to ash and then no one will believe my story whatsoever- but you'll know the truth, Final Girl readers! Fingers crossed that the Holiday Inn was built on an ancient Indian burial ground, or even a regular burial ground where they only moved the headstones.

In the meantime, there's out there to tide you over:

Adam Ross has been running a cool and interesting weekly feature called Friday Screen Test on his film blog, DVD Panache, wherein various movie blog peeps get to pontificate on questions posed by Adam. This week, the test subject is me! I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity, so please go forth and show Adam (and me, I guess) some love.

If that's not enough Final Girl to tide you over, I said earlier, it's Friday, which means another Horror Roundtable over at The Horror Blog! Huzzah! As of this writing, the Roundtable results (week 40!) aren't posted yet, but be sure to check back frequently and/or harass blog owner Steven until they're up. The topic this week was obscure horror films that deserve more attention, and I for one am really interested in what everyone's got to say- and what you have to say on the topic, too.

OK, barring a bad turnout in my battle against the lifesize cardboard Pinhead standee, I'll be back next week after a Wasteland weekend of movie viewing, spending money I don't have, beer, and trying to remember where I know that guy sitting behind the table from. Be good while I'm gone!


Amanda By Night said...

Stacie, you're so famous... it's really kind of irritating!

I kid of course, because I love. Nice interview. I also hope you have all of your hopes and dreams met at the con. Will you be wearing the Mrs. Roper muumuu?

Jesse Hammer said...

Wow, Stac. You described my "Dawn" remake experience to a T. I got in to a free pre-screening and I too had middle finger poised and ready to flash and then that first 10 minutes unfurled and I was in awe.

It is truly one of the few remake exceptions to the rule. I watch it at least once a month and it never disappoints.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Amanda kids...but, as we all know, beneath every bit of humor lies an ugly truth...

Don't despair, Amanda - you're way famous too!

In fact, y'all both need to tone it down a notch. You're everywhere these days.

And, of course, MY kidding hides an even uglier truth...that shall go unspoken. But just know, it's there.

Stacie Ponder said...

Amanda, if you behave and kiss my ass, then maybe someday I'll blow some of my stardust in your face!

Jesse, yay! Another Dawn remake fan! The problem with liking Dawn is, it's got me all poised to like the Day of the Dead remake...which means, of course, that the Day remake will suck.

Theron, it's good to know you've got animosity towards me, Amanda, and/or Final Girl bubbling under the surface. Yay!