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Mar 1, 2007

Film Club Pick #6

New month, new Film Club pick! Yay! Not so long ago, as you may recall, I watched and very much enjoyed director Michael Bassett's sophomore effort, Wilderness. This month's Film Club pick is Bassett's debut, 2002's Deathwatch. Here's the skinny, courtesy of Netflix:
Jamie Bell, Hugo Speer, Laurence Fox, Andy Serkis, and Matthew Rhys play English soldiers stuck in enemy territory in this spooky World War II I (silly Netflix!) thriller. Desperate to stay unseen, they bunk out in an abandoned German hideout, where slowly, one by one, they're picked off by an otherworldly enemy they can't identify. For the rest of them to get out alive, they must understand what they're up against so they can vanquish it before it conquers them.
I'm looking forward to it, and hopefully the casting of Andy Serkis will pleas all you nerds out there who won't watch anything that doesn't have Gollum in it.*

You may notice I've added a handy-dandy Film Club pick link over yonder in the side's got the title, the due date, and the Netflix link right there for your convenience. Do you see how much I care?

The film: Deathwatch
The due date: March 26
*Totally uninteresting Final Girl story:
When I think of Gollum (which know...often), I can't help but think back to seeing The Two Towers some time opening week. Rachael's mom was so excited and loves Lord of the Rings so much that she dragged us to the theatre about 2 hours early- she thought for sure we wouldn't find seats if we got there any later. Of course, we were the only people there...until Toby Todd showed up. This dude was unassuming enough, probably in his 40s, sporting a Bill Cosby sweater and a beard. Then, suddenly, he started acting like Gollum. He began climbing and crawling all over the seats, doing that "My preciousssss!" thing over and over. Having not seen The Two Towers yet, we had no idea what the fuck he was doing, so we just stared at him.

Good old Toby Todd. Yes, it's Todd. What can I say, I'm old. my memory is shot.


Anonymous said...

Netflix got it wrong, the movie is set during WWI. I'll toss my hat into the ring.

Anonymous said...

True, it is set in WWI. I watched it and quite enjoyed the atmosphere. Looking forward to revisiting it.

Anonymous said...

hey, I've had this one floating in the queue for a while now. I'm game.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks, guys. I modified the post to indicate WWI. And also, I was struck with a sudden "His name wasn't was Todd!" so I changed that too. Not enough coffee prior to posting, I guess.

I'm glad you'll join in on the choice!

Anonymous said...

No matter if his name is Toby or Todd, he's still got an awesome set of nerd nads.

Jesse Hammer said...

How and why did you find out what his name was?

Stacie Ponder said...

After he realized we were just staring cluelessly, he stopped and started talking about the movie- he'd obviously already seen it- and eventually he introduced himself. In the theatre, there were the four in our party and Todd...that was all. For, like, an hour. He did some more Gollum, though Rachael's mom told him not to give anything away.

My preciousssssssss!

Unknown said...

I'm in. It's all queued up. And hopefully this time I remember the correct date. I forgot last month and actually rushed myself into watching The Exorcist (hence the airport), only to find out I still had a lot of time.

Jesse Hammer said...

Wow. A guy, alone, in a theatre doing Gollum impressions for strangers who have yet to know what the hell he's talking about. Sounds like you meet some pretty interesting people, Stac. Next time you're in L.A. you gotta take me with you to a movie. I need more people in my life like Todd, (er,Tony?).

Anonymous said...

You should do a double feature with The Keep. German soldiers getting killed off, this time in WW2. (Never seen the movie, but read the book...)

Rachael said...

Stacie, you didn't mention Todd's unique odor. Methinks he hadn't washed since The Cosby Show was on the air.