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Mar 21, 2007

born free

Check it out. My stick figure zombie epic returns in They Won't Stay Dead! - The Director's Cut. You can read it in its entirety for absolutely free by CLICKING RIGHT HERE, or clicking the link to my ComicSpace page over yonder on the right.

What does "The Director's Cut" mean? It means I redrew the entire book and made it better. It means I added new panels. It means the book is now presented to you in VIOLENT VISION, which means that I used a red marker at times. And lest that frighten you away from reading, rest assured- I've prepared for that. Print and clip!

"But Stacie," you're thinking, "I bought a copy of the They Won't Stay Dead! mini-comic and I found it to be as I find you to be: perfect in every way. Why make changes?"

I appreciate your blind adoration, I really do. I'm not one to think my work is beyond making changes and improvements, however, and looking back at TWSD!, I saw it needed some changes. Don't worry- I didn't add any pesky words.

And it's still way better than House of the Dead.

Stronger, faster,'s like the Six Million Dollar Comic, but it's free!


Anonymous said...

i just finished it.
very cool!
i wish i had talent!

Jesse Hammer said...

The wide shot of all the zombies is epic. Good read.

The Retropolitan said...

That was so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!
That was GREAT!
The color cover's great and the red is very William Castle!
(Hey, not to mention your insurance policy!)

Your deliberate aversion to words in your word balloons is an interesting choice and creative restriction.
By coincidence, I came across a comic book/TPB by a Dutch cartoonist named Erik Kriek and he also doesn't use dialogue in his word balloons.
I babble on about Vol. 1 of GUTSMAN COMICS here:

Anyways, I thought you might find the comic interesting, not so much the review.
Bla bla bla.

Now that we've seen the director's cut, does that mean the original version is no longer available?
Have you gone all George Lucas on
Also, since we're sort of referencing DVDs with the "Director's Cut", I'm wondering if there's any extras, like commentary or gag reels?
Or trailers.
Or deleted scenes.
Or "undressed" scenes for the European market.
Or full-bodied characters for your "I don't get stick figures" market.

Anonymous said...

Okay... I guess have no idea what I did. But I sure as hell didn't make a hyperlink, that's for damn sure...

John Barleycorn said...

I loved it, just as I love zombies.

P.S. I finally beat Dead Rising. Well, actually, I'm in the overtime mode now, so I'm not technically done, but I'm kinda done ... in a not so done at all kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Very classy using a British insurance company. But it's probably not Lloyd's of London...maybe Lloyd's younger brother's agency: Clive's of Gloucester?

Clay McClane said...

Here's why that comic is awesome: even the dentures are undead.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks, guys!

Cattle- thanks for the reccie...I've got to check that guy out.

I love the 'DVD extras' idea. While this version is completely redrawn and differs from the first in that respect (the pictures are simply neater, and I changed a few camera angles around), there's also about 18 entirely new panels! Should this become a print comic at some point, which is my goal, I'd be sure to include even more 'extras'. I've got poster ideas and the such.

The original version...I've still got some sitting around, but I won't be printing any more once they're gone.

Brennon, overtime mode kicked my ass. God, I hated those dudes with the guns.

Craig, I think you're right. Man, once you go undead, you go UNDEAD, right down to your fake teeth!