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Jan 25, 2007

One of us! One of us!

Gooble gobble, baby.

The mob has spoken! The Final Girl Forum is now active and awaiting YOUR presence! Go, register, be good, and enjoy. It's totally like we're all going out to a bar together to have a beer and talk about stuff, except actually we're all staying home, sitting in front of computers, and getting drunk by ourselves when we do it. Yay! This reduces my chances of hearing a Spin Doctors song by 100%.

L'il Forum was just born and I'm sure it will change as time goes on- there's a place for suggestions, so if you strongly feel that the forum needs...oh, I don't know, a section devoted to Charlotte Rae or something, well, go ahead and suggest it.

Otherwise, I hope it ends up being a rad little community. We're like hippies now! Everyone stop bathing!


Steve said...

'Little miss, little miss, little miss can't be wrong,
What'cha gonna do to get into another one of these rock 'n' roll

Ali A said...

I am in!

Stacie Ponder said...


If that's stuck in my head all day, you've had it!