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Jan 14, 2007

Ridiculous Faces of Death 4

I can think of nary more horrific than getting each of one's limbs caught in a bear trap. Coupled with a throat slashing, it seems like an extremely painful way to die. The face pulled by Rick (Taylor Lacher) when he's caught in that very same predicament in Devil Times Five, however, makes it seem...well, not so bad.

You know, on second thought, maybe what Rick's doing here is for the benefit of humanity. He's reminding us that despite all the misery we inflict upon each other, despite the cruelty of the world, we can always find room for a smile. Cross your eyes and loll your tongue at the pain of life, baby, and you'll be fine. See, he's given us a little something called...hope.

Thank you, Rick, wherever you are. Thank you.


Amanda By Night said...

Don't lie. That's Rob Schneider!

Arbogast said...

Yeah, fuck you, Major Dad!