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Jun 14, 2006

If only...

I'm sure you kids may be hip to the fact that YouTube and similar sites are all the rage these days; people upload clips and trailers from exiting movies and shows, boring videos of their friends drinking beer, or the cutest little baby doing the cutest little thing. Super creative types have even taken to making and posting trailers for fake movies all over the InterNerd, like this one for Leprechaun vs. Wishmaster (as reported by Fangoria).

Oh, Leprechaun vs Wishmaster, why aren't you real? Why? Why do you tease me from cyberspace? Maybe, dear reader, if we all synchronize ourselves and hope really hard at the exact same moment all around the world, one day Leprechaun vs Wishmaster will become a real boy movie.

I'd watch Leprechaun vs. anybody. Anybody! Even vs. this guy, whom I hate hate hate. Come to think of it, I'd especially watch Leprechaun vs. that guy. Sigh.

You know by now that I love the Leprechaun movies. I know I shouldn't...I know they're bad for me, but I can't help myself. They're like bacon or the Spice Girls or something. My mind says no, but my heart cries YES! I try to deny my feelings, but the next thing I know my friends (whom I've suckered into accompanying me, though they're having just as awesome a time as I am which they'll later admit) and I are the only people in the audience over the age of 12, but it doesn't matter because we've got front row center tickets and before you know it I'm boasting "The Baby one looked at me!" and...umm...not that I'm actually admitting to seeing the Spice Girls in concert or anything.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Won't someone make a Leprechaun vs. ... movie and make Final Girl's dreams come true?


Anonymous said...

I once heard tell of a Leprechaun vs Chucky movie that never got past the idea phase. Seems even sleazy horror producers couldn't stop laughing long enough to put a deal together.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a Leprechaun vs. Michael Jackson flick. That would be a treat indeed.

Mistah Wade said...

Spice Girls did end up being a fun show. Though I was and still am embarrassed to be there.
As for Leper Shan... how expensive could another one be, I would donate my RC cars for the chase scenes so it is not the same ones they used for 1. The remote control truck cash was the worst, well actually the rc buggy was probably the worst but the truck was really bad.

Anonymous said...


Leprechaun VS Rumplstilskin (sp?)

That would RAWK!

Amanda By Night

Chop-a-holic said...

LOL The only thing I found when I searched youtube for leprechaun was people who saw a leprechaun in a tree, literally! On the plus side the leprechaun rap was kind of humorous. Yeah I know what you mean by the movies being bad for you... It's a guilty pleasure or my own.

Chop-a-holic said...
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