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Jun 21, 2006

time out

You know what? It IS all I've ever wanted.

Yes, folks, I'll be stepping away from the glow of my computer monitor for a bit...but like a nasty case of herpes, there's no getting rid of me forever. Before you know it, I'll be flaring up in your face again, my friend! In fact, you can expect an outbreak around July 6th- be sure to have your ointment ready.

For those of you who will be in the Charlotte, North Carolina environs and will miss me dearly, be sure to stop by Heroes Con the weekend of July 1st. I'll be parked behind a table with none other than Dirk "Nightmare World" Manning, each of us hawking wares and spinning tales and eating fire snacks. It'll be phat AND dope, as the kids would say.

Until my return, make me proud. Make me proud, dammit!


Clay McClane said...

You'll be in Charlotte? That's my old stompin' grounds...

A recommendation from an old Charlottean:

First, at the convention, find comics writer extraordinnaire Matt Fraction and his lovely and equally extraordinary wife Kelly Sue. Please tell them Craig says hi.

Then, suggest that you should round up lots of people and head to Lupie's for burgers and chili and beers.

Lastly, enjoy.

Even if you can't find Matt and Kelly Sue, do find Lupie's. It's some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it might be fly, too. You never know.

Tell Kelly Sue that Theron says hi. We'll freak her out but good...