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Jun 15, 2006

A New Old Nightmare

Heads up, Freddy fans...on September 26, New Line Home Entertainment will be releasing the "infinifilm" Super Ultra Wicked Awesome Mega-Packed Special Edition of A Nightmare on Elm Street. What's this so-called "infinifilm"? Exactly how super ultra wicked awesome mega-packed special is this edition? This article at Reuters has all the deets, but I'll just tell you since I know how much you hate clicking links.

Using the "infinifilm" option, viewers can access behind-the-scenes documentaries, interviews and other extras as they are watching the film, so the bonus materials can be digested in context.

Among the bonus features New Line is preparing are audio essays with director Wes Craven and star Robert Englund, documentaries on the franchise's origins and its legacy, a trivia challenge and a making-of feature.

I suddenly feel like I'm on The Jetsons or sounds so futuristic! Hmm. It'll be like a Pop-Up Video! Sounds like some cool bonus junk. I guess I'd have to see it in action to judge it, but do I want an interview with Heather Langenkamp cutting in at a big moment of action? Maybe, if she's talking about hair care. I think she's got that under control now.

In other news, I love this picture of Freddy...he's so lovely, posing with his glove. I believe it's from his senior portrait portfolio. My favorite, though, is the one where he's leaning against a tree in his football jersey, ungloved hand casually in a pocket.


Anonymous said...

The "Infinifilm" editions are not new and were first used for "Blow" or "Thirteen Days", I think. It is not exactly the Criterion label, since "Rush Hour 2" and "Friday After Next" are also under the Infinifilm banner, but they are good special features. The pop-ups are basically the special features(docs and interviews) spread throughout the movie cued up at appropiate times. I find it annoying and would rather watch the movie as whole and then watch the special features separately, but I guess some people like to be interrupted in the middle of an action scene to hear the actors talk about their character's "arc" and how they honed their "craft", but I'm not one of them.

SikeChick said...

I'll try not to be too pissed as I look at the Nightmare box set I already own!

Steve said...

Yeah, I've seen a handfull of the Infinifilms and they aren't much different than any other special features. They usually DO a good job with lots of extras though.

PS Stacie, did you ever get my Silent Hill pic from Moscow?

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to get the boxed set.

Heather Santrous said...

Final Destination 2 was another Infinifilm. I liked it at first but got tired of holding the remote the entire time and wondering if I might have missed a cue. I also noticed that some, not all but some, of the extra's could be found in the extra's menu. Not sure I could sit through another Infinifilm.

John Barleycorn said...

I love it how they make box sets and then trash 'em and start over again. I imagine we can expect a rehash of the box set, if not a complete overhaul, since that thing is very old in terms of DVD standards.

What-ev, says I. If it's less than $20, I'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

If there's new material in the Special Features, I'd at least put the disc in my NetFlix queue . . . :)

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg i wanna buy it i wanna buy it i wanna buy it