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Apr 10, 2006


There's a link on Ain't It Cool News to a huge behind-the-scenes glimpse into Silent Hill. I guess the segment aired on the Starz network and is all chock full of spoilers and info. I'm not going to watch it for a few reasons:

1. It's apparently an extremely large file (15 minutes worth of footage or something), and I still use a dial-up connection. By the time the file finishes loading, I'll be able to watch Silent Hill on DVD.

2. I know the basic plot of the movie and I've seen some images. That's all I want to know going into this thing. I'm not going to read any early reviews, I'm not going to watch any footage beyond the trailer...I may even stick my fingers in my ears and go "la la laaaa!" all the time just in case anyone within earshot is talking about it. This tactic may also get me a wider berth in the aisles at the grocery store so I may continue to do it even after I've seen the movie.

The movie opens in a little over a week, so I can wait. I think. If you want to download and watch the Silent Hill footage, hey, go for it. In fact, because I care about your wants and needs, here's the article at Ain't It Cool which'll point you in the right direction. Just don't watch and then come back here and tell me all about it or I swear- I will "la la laaaaaa" you in the face!

I know that's a vague threat, but it's a threat nonetheless!


The Retropolitan said...

How about Behind the Mask? I wanna see that. Especially since CHUD reviewed it super-positively riiiiiight HERE!

Chris Hopper said...

Have you seen the article in Fangoria about Silent Hill? The director begged to direct the movie after playing the game. He made Brotherhood of the Wolf, which helped him gain respect with Konami. This movie is going to rock!