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Apr 18, 2006

Final Girl Film Club Selection #2

OK, kids, are you ready? It's time to announce the next selection for the Final Girl Film Club! Can you feel the electricity in the air? Can I get a "HELL YEAH!"?

Disclaimer: the movie may suck. I have absolutely zero control over whether or not a movie sucks or whether you think it sucks. I'll try to choose things that at least sound decent, but hey- remember, we live life on the edge here in the FGFC. Ain't no guarantees, son! You pays yer money, you takes yer chances, I always say.

Now...onto this month's choice: It's the 1982 hospital slasher Visiting Hours!

Is that a sweet poster or what? I've always wanted to see this movie based on that poster alone, but somehow I never have. It's being released on DVD today, so the tide is high and the time is right!

And you better believe that if I ever get my Donald Trump on an buy a big office building or something, I'm demanding that the lights be left on every night in a skull-face pattern like that. Every. Night. Fear my building!

If you're not as jazzed about that picture as I am and you're like "Well, OK. But I need more to get really worked up about this movie!", then I present to you some of the names in the cast:

-the awesome tough guy Michael Ironside (Starship Troopers, Scanners, V)
-Linda Purl, aka Matlock's daughter!
-Lee Grant (Damien: Omen II, Airport '77, The Swarm)
-some guy named William muthafuckin' Shatner!

Now, to me, it works out like this:
slasher movie + that cast + that poster + that tagline = awesome movie
I could be wrong, but the math adds up, my friends. And math don't lie!

Here's the page linking you to the movie at Netflix. Here's the plot synopsis, also from Netflix:

After airing an outspoken report on domestic violence, anchorwoman Deborah Ballin (Lee Grant) receives an unexpected visit from a displeased viewer, who takes out his anger by savagely beating her in her own home. Having survived the attack, she's seemingly safe in the hospital with a dedicated nurse (Linda Purl) and her concerned boss (William Shatner) by her side. However, Deborah has no idea that her attacker has come for visiting hours...

Hmm. Heaven IS a place on earth.

The movie: Visiting Hours
The due date: May 1st


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT! I just added the movie to my NetFlix queue . . .

. . . uh oh . . . NetFlix says there's a "Short Wait." :(

Stacie Ponder said...

There could be a short wait because it just came out today. It should also be available at most video stores, I'd assume- if people want to leave the house! :D

If folks have a really tough time getting it, I'll change the due date, but like I said- Netflix may not have it ready to go quite yet.

Heather Santrous said...

Woohoo I'm ready! I will go in search of the movie you have selected and burn every store that dares not have it! Ok I won't got that far but I won't be pleased if they don't have it. lol

Anonymous said...


I was already debating adding this to my Netflix queue, now I have a definite reason to add it!

Thanks Stacie!

Mistah Wade said...

Has Final Girl created a Netflix dilema. Dont be so humble you know your recommendation alone has caused the "short wait"

Goose said...

I too am on the Sort Wait list at NetFlix.
Its okay though, I am anticipating Friday first. I will be the first at the theater. Anticipation is making me wait...
Dallas on the Big Screen. Just saw it on Entertainment Tonight. It ought to be intersting. Some of the same cast? Could be intersting.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I beat the short wait monster. I wasn't so lucky with Bloody Murder (or was I...?)

Anonymous said...

I saw this on HBO a long, long time ago, 1981 or 82. (So I had to be 14 or 15.) I thought it was so cool that Lee Grant and William Shatner were in a slasher flick with the bad guy from Scanners, Michael Ironside!

Might join in on this one.

Anonymous said...

I promised myself a month ago that I would not buy any new DVDs until the end of May, at the earliest. I had counted the amount of unwatched DVDs I had at that time, and they numbered close to 40.

Yesterday I bought Visiting Hours just so I could take part in the discussion.

Today I bought Decoys, Leeches, Dead End, Deathwatch and Miner's Massacre.

Thanks for nothing.

Stacie Ponder said...


I mean...ahem.

Hey Steven, at least I'm not responsible for you buying Miner's Massacre!! Did you people learn nothing in Shocktober?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember Shocktober alright. But I'm sure, just like me, you've been in a situation where even something panned by someone whose opinion you trust has to be tested just to make sure. I could not go to my grave without tasting the Massacre. Here are the reasons why.

1) When I worked at a video store a few years back, a fellow employee who knew my taste in movies asked me if I had seen Miner's Massacre yet. I asked him why he thought I would be interested in a movie where a bunch of jailbait are slaughtered. It disturbed me that he thought so little of me, so I passed it up. It wasn't until Shocktober that I realized Miner's Massacre was about a different kind of miner, and I've been itching to watch it ever since.

2) It was $3.

Mistah Wade said...

Short Wait turned into Friday. I watched it Friday and returned it Saturday and Netflix received it yesterday. Any delay is not my fault.