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Apr 25, 2006

ghetto postin'

Look, I'm telling you now that there's really no point to this post. It's ghetto-ass as all get out, so consider yourselves warned. Turn back while you can!

It's just that...I have nothing to say. I didn't watch a movie. The news sites are all dull today. Nothing to promote, no essays spewing forth from my fingers. Just nothing! Yet here I am. It's raining.

So...I'll remind you all about the next Film Club choice, Visiting Hours. I'm going to do a write-up next Monday, May 1st. Apparently a bunch of you have watched it alreaday and the early reports aren't terribly enthusiastic. We'll see about that!

I've been wondering if they're doing a sequel to Silent Hill. Has there been talk of it yet? These things get announced so quickly nowadays it seems. I thought after opening weekend it'd get the greenlight if the idea's already been thrown about.

If they do do a sequel, they should totally set it 5 or so years after the first movie, and send Sean Bean's character into Silent Hill after receiving a letter from Rose, whom he hasn't heard from in the interim (yes, like the plot from the second game). Maybe they could have less of a Parade of the Silent Hill All-Star Bad Guys and have one monster- like, oh, I don't know...Pyramid Head maybe?- stalking Sean Bean throughout. That might give the flick a little more urgency, maybe. Hmm. Oh, and add better dialogue.

Like I said, ghetto post.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, I probably shouldn't have watched Visiting Hours right after Prince of Darkness.

Anonymous said...

And maybe they could have all new actors and a different plot and call it something totally different and...

Anonymous said...

Visiting Hours is shipping today! I plan to make a super-dooper VH review blog link-up thingie when the review goes up. Assuming that it's okay with you, that is.

Also, splendid idea for a sequel. Monsterwise, all they need do is bring back Pyramid Head and those Acid Loogie Thingies and I'd be happy.

When the sound of that sword being dragged across the pavement is heard, everybody would know what was coming 'round the mountain.

John Barleycorn said...

They should just ensure Roger Avary has nothing to do with anything. Christ, they can have the dude who wrote Weekend at Bernie's 2 sign on board and I'd be happier than with Roger Fucking Avary. What a bastard. Ruined a perfectly good movie with his inability to think.