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Feb 20, 2016

Ye gvd of Masfachusets Bay Colanee and oyerwise

Think not on the Fear that lyes vpon yy head and heart. Trust Yyself, Trust The VVitch, vnburthen Yyself and seest svch Entertaynments for the bettering of thy mind.

Or something. Basically I am still unpacking my thoughts and feelings about The Witch too much to write anything resembling a proper (or even proper-ish) review, but I thought I would chime in here to say that I loved it. So there.


matango said...

Such a good movie.

G.A. Redman said...

Here are my comments that were posted on the CHFB:
This was really good. Highly atmospheric and well acted The Witch doesn't have many "jump" scares but ably creates a vivid sense of evil and how blind devotion can reveal hidden sins of the soul. Writer / director Robert Eggers is someone to watch his direction evokes Carl Dreyer and Ingmar Bergman and his script calls to mind Hawthorne and Poe utilizing authentic dialogue of the time that forces the viewer to lean closer to the screen to catch every word. He's helped immeasurably by Jarin Blaschke's moody cinematography, Mark Korven's discordant music underscores the fractured family's structure and the realistic production and set design by Craig Lathrop and Mary Kirkland. Very Rondo worthy.

I took my 12 year old daughter who promptly said, walking out, "That was the weirdest movie I have ever seen."

Unknown said...

that is the most vicious looking rabbit i've seen lately. evil intent is shooting from his eyes. if he was a character in watership down, he would be like the ted bundy rabbit.

Beaucoup Bucks said...

Agh! So annoyed that I have to wait until August to see this when I think/hope it's going to be screened in our International Film Festival. The joys of living in New Zealand.

deaner33 said...

Black Phillip, forget those creepy little twins and come to me. I love you so.

Stacie Ponder said...

What else is there in life?

leftylimbo said...

Man. I just saw this movie over the weekend. I left the theater only slightly affected by its creepiness, but the more I dissected and reflected on it afterwards, the more it starts to seep in. I'm actually beginning to appreciate it a lot more than I did.

It's kinda weird though, this movie didn't affect me like the typical horror movie, which I think I was expecting when I went to see it. If anything, I can't wait to see ye olde subtitles whenst the movie is released on DVD. =)

matango said...

Exclusive dialogue from the alternate ending to the Witch, to be released on the blu-ray and DVD:

Thomasin: So, this butter, it's not some kind of shitty goat butter, right?

Black Phillip: No, no. Regular cow butter.

Thomasin: Okay, cool.