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Feb 19, 2016

...uh, Movie Poster Friday

What in the puking nun HELL is this?

Okay, whoa whoa, I am going to pump the brakes on my hate. While nothing has ever made me feel older and less "with" "it" than this instagram motif nonsense, there is a part of me that digs it. Well, I dig the idea of it, at least. Maybe not quite as a poster, but as a marketing tactic, sure. Look at The Blair Witch Project–social media and La Internette can surely be used to great ends to make a movie feel ALIVE, ALIVE, ALIVE. (Man, I have a hankerin' to watch The Funhouse.)


If you are going to come up with this "look at my new house, we are moving in!" idea, marketing people, then for fuck's sake...please spring for some actual photography so it looks as if "Rebelleous99" has taken an actual picture of an actual house and an actual moving truck. As it stands, it looks as if she found some Amityville fanart and right-clicked that shit.

On the other hand, it also looks like something Thomas Kinkade might have shat out whilst being tormented in the pits of Hell, and I'm into that.


J. Skel LaTour said...

Oh jeez, I first saw this picture on Twitter, so I didn't realize that all of the stuff around the picture was part of the presentation. Now I feel dumb and old.

I hope they purchased the insurance on that truck. See? Old.

Stacie Ponder said...

It took me a minute, too. Which means it's well done...BUT THEN THAT PICTURE.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's impressive how the Amityville franchise refuses to die despite the fact that no entry since the first one has been watchable.

I'm waiting for Amityville In Spaaaaace! They've got to do it eventually, right?

Stacie Ponder said...

"no entry since the first one has been watchable"


originalslugboy said...

Look, Possessed Floor Lamp, no one's recanting anything unless and until you release your long-form birth certificate and/or original sales receipt.

This message paid for by Possessed Laundry Press for County Coroner 2016

lonestarr357 said...

April 1st? Is this a joke?

And 'no entry since the first one has been watchable'? How about a little movie called "Amityville II: the Possession"?

The Horrorist said...

I love the second one. It's my favourite. The whole incest and domestic violence thing was and still is such a taboo.