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Feb 22, 2016

A Tribute to...

...guys chopping wood in horror movies!

There's a scene in The Witch where William gets his wood choppin' on, and when it happened I thought to myself..."Hmm. That is a thing in horror movies!" and then I went back to concentrating on The Witch because it is so good. I know, I know! I am a deep thinker. But you know what, it is a thing. The menfolk got the rage inside of 'em, you see, and those feelings need sublimatin'. The only way they can let them out beyond, like, killing their family or other folks is to get sweaty, to sometimes take off their shirts, and chop the fuck outta some wood. Yay!

Unless, of course, you're Friday the 13th's Steve Christy, in which case you're not chopping because you're angry, it's just that there's a shit ton of stuff to do before Camp Blood reopens.

(The Witch gif courtesy of pal Jason of My New Plaid Pants)


originalslugboy said...

How sexy is Leslie Nielsen in this polo shirt?

Stacie Ponder said...

YESSSS! Bless you, totally forgot that one

Unknown said...

William's OkCupid profile:

On a Friday night I might be:

chopping wood
eating dirt
accusing my chirren of witchcraft

matango said...

Look, William's corrupt nature is empty of grace, bent unto sin, only unto sin, and also chopping wood, and those continually.