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Sep 30, 2013

While you're waiting for tomorrow... is a thing you can do besides simply stuffing your face with candy corn. Perhaps you remember- or perhaps you don't, I wouldn't know, I'm not your mother- In Satan's Closet, which is a fake trailer that I made once upon a time. It's an ode to Italian horror movies from the 70s, particularly the ones about possession. And yeah, it's a "trailer" that's longer than many short films. So sue me!

Anyway, the point of me talking about myself is this: tell me I'm pretty! friend o' Final Girl and illustrator extraordinaire Chuck Ramos made a friggin' poster for In Satan's Closet, and it's just so good, you guys. Then he went and submitted the design to Threadless for a contest they're holding. Contests mean that The People of the Internet must unite, and by "unite" I mean "fucking vote".

But hey, like I said: you're looking for something to do, right? Then make with the click-click, and let's get this shit on a shirt! Because it's awesome!

Yeah! The contest runs for four more days, so tell your friends to put down their bite-size Baby Ruths for a minute and get ta votin'. Every time a vote is cast, an angel gets punched in the face by a possessed nun!


Anonymous said...

That trailer was the greatest!

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks so much! It sure was fun to make.

Michelle said...

Will her royal highness on the bottom left of the design be tweeting out the voting link? :)

Cinema & Television said...

Even after all these years, I still regularly watch that trailer . Truly fantastic stuff! That poster is awesome and needs to get on a shirt.

Hey Stacie, is there any way to watch the episodes of Ghostella's Haunted Tomb? The videos on doesn't seem to work.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks for the kind words! Right now, I don't think there's a way...AfterEllen revamped a bunch of stuff and I think Ghostella got lost in the process. I'm thinking about what I want to do with all of them- a site? a DVD? VHS? (omg VHS would be so awesome)- but for now they're in limbo. It stinks!

Ben Newman said...

That trailer's great! Loved the spider.