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Sep 13, 2013


Lemme tell ya, Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 (1990) should actually be called Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: What in the Hell Did I Just Watch, because that's what you'll undoubtedly be asking yourself should you ever choose to spend 90 minutes of your life with this piece of what-the-fuckery. Here's the best I can break it down for ya:

A wannabe-reporter investigates the death of a woman who fell from a rooftop after spontaneously combusting. Soon she finds herself embroiled with a cult of man-hating "womyn" types, led by Maud Adams, who wants to resurrect her daughter by having a giant cockroach impregnate the reporter and/or having the reporter give birth to a giant cockroach, and also the giant cockroach represents the reporter's fears. Now you understand the movie as well as I do!

If you're thinking "Hmm, even if that made sense, how does this tie into the three Silent Night, Deadly Night films that came before it?", well, my friends, think no more, for this is surely the Halloween III: Season of the Witch of the series. Sure, sure, Clint Howard is on the scene as a homeless guy/bodyguard for the cult, and they call him "Ricky". Is he the same Ricky? If so, I guess the top of his skull grew back...? At one point he turns on a TV and Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 is playing, so who the hell knows. It's only one of a million questions you'll have during this movie.

In case I haven't conveyed it well enough, make no mistake: this movie is bad, bad, bad. While it's sort of fun in that late '80s/early '90s direct-to-video kind of gross total junk way, it's not anything you'll want to revel in. You know, if it was 1991 and you were lying on the couch watching Saturday Nightmares, you'd for sure sit through the whole thing...but you wouldn't be clamoring to rent a copy the next time you and your friends had a movie night.


Tom said...

I DO revel in it though...

Stacie Ponder said...

Good! It's good to like things.