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Jul 26, 2012

gather 'round, yon film clubbers...'s time to pick a pick, so pick I shall.

This month's movie is...dun dun dunnnnn...

I know I've seen this. I have a vague, brief memory of seeing it at the drive-in with my parents when I was a wee bonny lass. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an old, or maybe I didn't pay attention to the movie at the time, or maybe it's so terrible my brain purged it upon completion...whatever the reason, I don't remember a single thing about this movie. Not one single thing! Hooray!

HOORAY? you say? Yes! Dudes, even if it stinks, we can't go wrong with Deadly Blessing. It's co-written and directed by Wes Craven! Sharon Stone is in it! It's from the year of all years, 1981! It's got religious cuckoo nutsos in it!

Okay, so maybe we can go very, very wrong with Deadly Blessing...but I. Don't. Care. At least we'll all be together in the misery. Dangerous and exciting!

The movie: Deadly Blessing (1981)
The due date: Monday, August 13
The deal:

1. watch the movie
2. link to Final Girl somewhere in your review
3. email me the link: stacieponder at gmail dot com
4. bask in the warm embrace of your fellow Film Clubbers

That's it! If you wrote a review of Deadly Blessing a million years ago and you want to be included, that's fine. Just add the link to Final Girl in there somewhere and send it along.

Aww yiss.


Thomas Duke said...

It was never released on DVD, but is actually coming out this fall I think. It is on Netflix instant US right now. You might want to mention that, although maybe it's just assumed that film club picks are on instant. I actually have it on VHS but haven't seen it in a long time. I remember Sharon Stone taking a bath when a snake pops up out of the drain.

My captcha is "Saminary", which I assume is a church retreat that teaches you how to act like Sammy Davis Jr.

Stacie Ponder said...

I discussed choosing Film Club movies on Facebook recently, and how I only pick things that are largely available to the masses. Everyone chimed in with a "I don't use Netflix", "I use whatever whatever", and blah blah blah. I still try to choose movies that are readily available, but I figure people can search for something on their own, whether it's Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, whatever. Maybe it's asking for too much effort from people, but if they can't type a title into the viewing platform of their choice...well, okay then.

Michael Grover said...

It also features Ernest Borgnine, who just left us a few weeks ago, so it's a timely choice in that regard. I haven't seen it in a long time, either, so this will be a good excuse to revisit it.

Carrie said...

Whoa Borgnine & La Stone--almost too much goodness! I can't wait to watch this and read everyone's review. maybe I'll bust a live tweet of the viewing...

Phantasmagoria said...

"Dudes, even if it stinks, we can't go wrong with Deadly Blessing. It's co-written and directed by Wes Craven!"


"Sharon Stone is in it!"

OK, i'll watch it now!

V. Shaw said...

Screw DVD. I'm sure I have the VHS kicking around somewhere.

I'm game.