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Aug 8, 2012

New t-shirt and print!

YES my friends, you read that right: a new t-shirt and print are available over at my Society 6 shop. CLICK THIS LINK to get free shipping from now until August 12, oh yeah! The Horror Centipede!

So there you have it. Looking at that t-shirt makes me proud to be alive, I tells ya.

FYI, I tried watching a movie the other night called 11/11/11. Even though Netflixians gave it but 1.25 stars, I thought "They must all be wrong! It's an Omen ripoff, it has to be good!" Well. After "The Asylum Presents" popped up on my screen, I started thinking that I was likely the wrong one. The very, very wrong one. And 35 minutes in, I actually started to feel my life slowly ebbing away...and I realized I was spending some of my last moments on Earth (I mean, if you count your whole life as your last moments on Earth, you dig?) watching a big, huge pile of shit. Then I decided that watching a literal big, huge pile of shit would be a better way to spend my time than finishing 11/11/11, so I turned it off. No offense to the people who made the movie- for all I know, the rest of it was incredible. But I'm okay with never finding out, even if it means my life is lesser for it.

What a great story!


Phantasmagoria said...

The fact that mr. "Centipede" Six was born in my country doesnt fill me with pride. But then again the whole torture porn/poop is cool! subgenre is beyond me anyways. I read on imdb he likes "La grande bouffe", yeah that is a good movie, but Six can only dream about making something of that quality. Cool T though.

Dave Enkosky said...

Damn, that is super cool.

Evol Kween said...

Can we talk some more about how frikkin' awesome this t-shirt is? Hot damn!

Stacie Ponder said...

Ha! Be my guest! :)