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Feb 24, 2012


So pal-o-Final Girl Richard Harland Smith has seen fit to interview me for TCM's Movie Morlocks. It was super fun. Good stuff. A good interview, if you will. Good and so crammed with words that one post was not enough to hold it- it has been unleashed in two parts, and they are both waiting for your eyes to join them. Hooray for everything!
Oh, and I should mention here that what! Final Girl has been nominated for BEST BLOG in the 10th annual Rondo Hatton Awards. Here is the ballot- she's an unwieldy thing, but BEST BLOG is category 18, and you'll see that I'm in some superlative company. I'm psyched to be nominated, 'tis indeed an honor most...honorful.

Before I lose that lovin' feelin'...look at this! I want to lie down in a room full of these forever.

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Mayhem Film Festival said...

Is that rabbit-thing about to chew through a high voltage electric cable?