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Feb 24, 2012

awesome movie poster friday - the LINA ROMAY edition!

Most folks I know have been buzzing about the recent, terrible, and untimely loss of cult icon Lina Romay- actress, muse, and partner to the prolific Jess Franco. You won't find a better obit than this one by Tim Lucas , so give it a peep. I don't know exactly if an Awesome Movie Poster Friday is any kind of appropriate tribute to this lovely woman, but...

There are more posters from her films at the AMPF Jess Franco Edition from a couple of years back.

She was truly one of a kind, fearless and beautiful...and so captivating that even folks who can't stand Jess Franco movies would watch 'em just to watch Lina Romay. Rest in Peace.


movieman said...

Well, the old movie poster are like little pieces of art, they are so colourful, so full of everything.

TheKungFuProfessor said...

She was beautiful in "Women Behind Bars", I think that's the only film I've seen her in due to it been on the UK's Video Nasty list.

Some fantastic artwork there, the poster for "La tumba de los muertos vivientes" looks great with the tank and nazi skeletons, but 2/10 on imdb is probably accurate going by previous Franco films I've seen.