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May 2, 2011

i live

Before I get too many ARE YOU ALIVE? comments and emails, I figured I'd stop by and say YES I AM ALIVE. I am still under a big fat deadline for the book I'm inking, but it'll be over in a couple of weeks. I'm afraid that my brain is in art mode right now and not write about horror movies mode, so any spare brain time I have goes to...err, art of some variety. When I'm not inking Mr. Murder is Dead, I'm probably drawing sketch cards or my webcomic RPG. Here are a couple of pages from Mr. Murder to give you an idea what's what. This isn't the finished art, but it's pretty sweet, eh? I inked the top page. Clicken to embiggen.

It's going to be a really handsome hardcover when all is said and done, and I'm really having fun; it's just a lot of work. I've been listening the crap out of old timey radio as I go though- Suspense is the shit!

When I have time to really write some stuff, I'll come back with...oh, I don't know. I don't want to say what because I haven't thought of anything yet, but I'm sure it'll know. Something.


CashBailey said...

If you're stuck for an idea, Stacie, how about telling us what you think of GAME OF THRONES so far.

Stacie Ponder said...

I'll tell you what I think of it! I think I terribly wish I could watch it!! I don't have HBO, though, so I'm on the "must wait forever" train. It happens to me all the time with shows and video games (and sometimes movies)- I'll be really into something and everyone else will react with a "Yeah, I saw that/was into that 2 years ago." :D

Riccardo said...

I discovered "Suspense" last year on Great for working. I haven't seen any of the TV episodes (49-54) but they were released on DVD.


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