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May 10, 2011

bonding over furniture

Sometimes you watch a movie and it's such a transcendent thing, it makes you feel so damn happy just to be alive. I AM SO HAPPY I EXIST, you might say, IF ONLY SO I CAN PARTAKE IN THIS FILM. You feel connected to humanity; you remember that we're all together in some way, struggling and thriving during our all-too-brief time on this planet. It's like the feeling embodied by that old Coke commercial; you know, the one about being a hippie and having communal carbonated beverage experiences.
This is how I suddenly find myself feeling about Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes. You know, the one about the evil, possessed floor lamp. I just love that someone came up with that ridiculous idea and wrote it down and passed it on. All the way down the line, people said AN EVIL, POSSESSED FLOOR LAMP? OKAY! to this idea, from the money men to Patty Duke to the TV stations that bought the rights to me and everyone else who bought the DVD or video or watched it on television. We all said YES to the evil floor lamp and cheered loudly when the evil floor lamp went over a cliff and exploded at the bottom.
An evil, possessed floor lamp! This, my friends, is life.