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Aug 4, 2010


Damn you, Mondo Tees! Quit making amazing limited-run posters that sell out before I can save up the scratch to buy them. CASE IN POINT:


Zombie Cupcake said...


Amy Shamey said...

oo pretty!

Sarah E. Jahier said...

That's rad!!!

I want!

Reel Distraction said...

I was lucky enough to have a friend on-site when they first went on sale last night. I'll have my hands on one this Friday. Can't wait!

Stacie Ponder said...

Then DAMN YOU, TOO! :D Totally jealous.

Jason Adams said...

Yay now we know who we can rob! Everybody meet outside of Reel Distraction's house Friday night. I'll bring the dip. Every good robbery needs dip. That's just a fact.

That poster is hot shit.

Strange Kid said...

I second that sentiment, Stacie. They have such a great collection of prints, but none of them are available. Curses!

John Eno said...

I wonder if Fulci and crew knew that they were making such an iconic scene when they filmed it, or if they thought it was just a dumb/funny thing to put in the movie.

Anyway, musical satisfaction in three easy steps:
1) Go here:
2) Listen to track #8
3) Enjoy playing "spot that sample" while avoiding having your eye gouged out on a huge splinter

danielrsilveira said...

Do you Tom Whalen's work?
He does some pretty cool versions of classic movie posters!

danielrsilveira said...

Do you "KNOW"!

Reel Distraction said...

Since I'm getting damned by Stacie and burgled by JA, I figure I might as well post pictures of my framed Zombie poster while I can! :)

The first shows it up-close and the other shows it with a German FRAMED poster and a Tyler Stout WARRIORS poster:

Zombie 1

Zombie 2