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Jul 23, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the ANTHOLOGICAL edition!

Lawdamighty, I do so love a portmanteau flick.


matango said...

When one eye socket is empty, and the other has an eyeball in it, why must it always be the right eye socket that is empty (right from the skull's perspective)?

I'll have to see Asylum.

Bill Walsh said...

Awesome stuff. I think my favorite may be the first Dead of Night one. Or the one with Michael Redgrave going all Lugosi…

On with the translations! (Verification: remora.)

Twilight Zone

The Fourth Dimension. Tagline: “You’re travelling in a fantastic realm where the only boundaries are those of the imagination. Next stop…”

The House That Dripped Blood

Dom wampirów is [The] House of Vampires

The House of Crimes

Torture Garden

Dr. Diabolo’s Torture Chamber


The Original Creepshow Tagline: “It’s never been more fun to be scared.”

クリープショー is a transliteration: Kurīpushō.

From Beyond the Grave

呪われた墓 is Norowa reta haka, The Cursed Tomb.

Hey, you missed this Belgian one which translates as The Mysteries of Beyond the Grave (French) and From the Other Side of the Grave (Dutch).

The Asylum

The Labyrinth of Horror or The Garden of Horror.

The Mysteries of the Asylum (French); The Horrors of the Asylum (Dutch).

michael said...

Speaking of anthologies.

I like that part in The Willies where Sean Astin is about to tell a story and one of his friends says, "This isn't going to about that time you and your friends found a pirate ship in a cave is it?".

Also, two-thirds of Tales of the Quadead Zone (from the guy that brought you Black Devil Doll from Hell) are AMAZING. Oh, and Night Train of Terror. Hmm, anthology movies are great.

Anonymous said...

I remember when House of Crazies was in theatres, my brother cut out the tiny newspaper ad and stuck it inside the cellophane of his cigarette pack, and voila (or viola, as we say here in the South).... House of Crazies brand cigarettes.... how's that for random?

CashBailey said...

I love a horror anthology. Shame they're so rare these days.

Or, at least, GOOD ones are.

I especially loved SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, which had films by Fellini, Roger Vadim and Louis Malle. Fellini's TOBY DAMMIT is one of the most trippy, creepy things I've seen.

Although, Stacie, I must point out that you missed one of the greatest horror anthologies of all time... BLACK SABBATH!!

Stacie Ponder said...

Arrrgh, you're right! Dang. I've even reviewed that, so it's not as if I've never heard of it...oh well. Guess I'll save it for the KARLOFF edition!!

matango said...

In the German Creepshow poster (the third Creepshow poster), is that an image from the movie? It doesn't look like a monster that I remember (I don't think it's the birthday short). Same picture in the last Creepshow picture, but reversed.

Stacie Ponder said...

It's "The Creep", which is the narrator in the actual comic. He appears outside the kid's window in the wrap-around story...and I used to find him absolutely terrifying! :D

AE said...

It is very hard to pick a favorite out of this bunch, but the first "From Beyond the Grave" one is pretty good. Aaa! A giant hand! Not, say, a rotting hand or a skeleton hand -- but a really big hand! I also get kind of a resigned vibe from the damsel. "Giant hand. Whatever. Here we go."

Bill, I love "House of Crimes." It's not like the Spanish to be understated.

Thomas Duke said...

I actually majored in Anthological studies. My thesis was on creepy dolls that say creepy things at creepy times.

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

Stacie - yeah, the fact that the Creep was clearly on the side of the kid outside whose window he was lurking did nothing to make him less scary/nightmare-inducing.

I, too, love me some anthology horror. I even like TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS even though I realize it isn't very good.

And I dug GRIM PRAIRIE TALES, though it isn't really straight-up horror.

Big Brother said...

The third Twilight Zone poster cracks me up. "Four acclaimed directors".... well, perhaps Spielberg at the time. As for the rest, make it "two up and comers" (Dante and Miller) and "one hit or miss" (Landis).