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Aug 27, 2008


- Look at me, posting a link to my latest AMC column all timely-like! Head over and check out my 10 Reasons Why Phantasm Rules. Yes, of course the Lady in Lavender is on the list. What am I, some sort of rube? Some of my reasoning for including her didn't make it past the editor's steely gaze, but such is life.

- It's a great friggin' time to be a horror video game fan! First, when September 30 rolls around and Silent Hill 5: Homecoming is released, you can just kiss me goodbye. Pyramid Head and knifey nurses, and melty bathrooms? Ba-ring 'em on! Bloody-Disgusting has the creeptastic trailer for you to get creeped out by. Is it just me being a nerd, or is that Travis from Silent Hill: Origins making a cameo in the truck?

Bloody-Disgusting has also got a bunch of lo-down regarding Resident Evil 5, including 2 gameplay trailers that are totally drool-inducing. Uh, the awesomely scary bane of my existence- chainsaw baghead guy- makes a return. Guhhhhhhhshmlehhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm just thankful it's not being released until March 13, 2009- I'd hate for RE 5 to have to battle with SH 5 for my affections. It's like choosing a favorite spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream from a single bowl: it's just not possible.


Chris Cooke said...

Hi Stacie

YES! Phantasm is indeed a gem of a film and your many, many reasons to love it all rang true to me... But I especially like the article because you used the very British phrase 'Having it off'... well done. Great review.

Anonymous said...

No posts and then several in a short period of time? Great to have you back posting. Now, if only you would include your commentary on posters as you did in the beginning, such as the one for "Friday the 13th"---"remember at the end of Friday the 13th when that giant blue woman appeared out of nowhere from behind that piece of paper? That scared me so bad when I was 10!"

Unknown said...

Ugh I wish Konami would send me a free copy of Silent Hill to review like they did you.
I even asked them and everything, but they didn't have the love for me like they did you.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Can't say I've ever been interested in Phantasm, but you make it sound intriguing. Do you have any other products or services that can improve my life, and can I call now while supplies last?

Adam Ross said...

There are some movies I never get tired of talking about, and "Phantasm" is one of them. I like how you describe it as a jumbled bunch of setpieces, because that's part of its charm -- there are so many unexplained moments, and some scenes seem unconnected to the story (why does the blonde girl go to the mortuary early in the film? We hear her scream, but she reappears later).

One underrated aspect of the movie that keeps me coming back is the music. It starts out with that simple (yet creepy) piano score, but gets jazzier and more complex as the movie goes on.

Anonymous said...

Dead Rising, coming to the Wii.
RE 5, coming to the Wii.
Silent Hill . . . not coming to Wii.

2 out of 3 ain't bad, but DAMN!!!!!

Stacie Ponder said...

Ryne, I never get anything free from Konami, unfortunately. It's surprising, given how often I lick their boots!

Dead Rising on the Wii sounds AWESOME!