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Jun 13, 2008

awesome movie poster friday- the MORE JAPANESE edition

from the The Same Tag Line? Really? department:

from the The Poster Is Kinda Lame, But the Movie is Called Ghost Vs Alien So I'm Dying To See It department:

from the This Is Clearly the Greatest Movie of All Time department:

from the I Have No Idea What This Movie Is Called Or What It's About, But I Want To Make Out With the Poster department:

from the Undoubtedly My Favorite De Palma and I'd Say My Favorite Travolta/Allen Movie Also, But Then There's Maude Carrie department:

from the Wow, the Posters Are Way Creepier Than the Movies department:

from the Hmm...Okay, But Where's the Kitty With the Wilford Brimley 'Stache? department:

from the Well, That's An Interesting Choice That Has Little To Do With the Film department:


Anonymous said...

Do mind . . . I'm still in the middle of reading your take on 'the Strangers', and you jump me with another post.


P.S. It's Friday the 13th!!! Why no Friday Awesome Movie Poster Friday the 13th poster day?

Anonymous said...

To self: "Shut up douche bag & scroll down the right side of the page. Did you really think it hadn't been done before?"

(Still trying to finish 'The Strangers review)

P. K. Nail said...

Holy cow! Must see Queen Kong. YouTube has some clips - the trailer is bad!

FatalPierce said...

Is it wrong that I now totally want to see a "Truman Show" sequel where he has to live on live TV with a house full of critters?

That "Dead Silence" poster would have seriously messed me up when I was younger....might be messing with my head a little right now as a matter of face.

I think the imagery in the [•REC] poster represents how none of of sees the real troubles around us. Be it a child lost in a crowd, a man unable to find work, even an old woman infected and angry hurling large firefighters down flights of stairs. None of us really pay attention do we?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so, um, it's not like I'm the world's biggest dork or anything, but, uh, I'm sitting here at 2:30 a.m. trying to figure out what that crazy anime-Beardsley-looking poster is. And I'm simultaneously proud and deeply ashamed to say that I've got it, despite not speaking a word of Japanese. Well, ok, a word. And that word is my occupation. Ninja. But that's just between us.

So, yeah, that poster seems to be from a movie called Belladonna of Sadness or The Tragedy of Belladonna (Kanashimi nō Beradonna, 悲しみのべらドンナ) which was a 1973 anime feature from the guys who made that staple of my childhood, Kimba the White Lion, "based" on Jules Michelet's 1862 treatise La Sorcière (Sorcery) on witchcraft in Europe, the lead character's being named Jeanne in honor of St. Joan of Arc who shows up in La Sorcière.

It would probably make out with you, but not in a nice way, as it's apparently "the story of Jeanne, a peasant woman who is raped, which leads to her being accused of witchcraft, and is notable for its graphic and suggestively erotic, violent and psychedelic imagery."

Here's your IMDb for the movie (searching for "Belladonna," one learns it's an actress's nom du porn. Lovely.), and your Wikipedias for 悲しみのべらドンナ, Michelet, and La Sorcière. (And what the hell, here's Kimba)

Here's what appears to be a seven-minute trailer for it. As with all Japanese popular culture, it appears to delve deeply into and grapple profoundly with the eternal existential-philosophical question, What the Fucking Fuck Was That?


Natazzz said...

Ewwww. That one with the finger creeps me out...

Brittany said...

Holy Apes! WHERE can I buy that Queen Kong poster?