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Apr 16, 2008

I'm coming to get you, Barbara...

...I mean, uh, sleep.

Sorry for the lack of updates (or simply lame updates) and being a wee incommunicado. I've been extremely busy and I've only slept about 15 minutes in the past 150 years. That's not hyperbole! Things are finally calming down, however, and I hope to watch a damn movie sometime soon, or at least come up with something interesting to say. I also hope to get some ZZZZs so I no longer look like this dude:

While my skin is a sight better than his, I will admit he's a bit more fashionable.

At any rate, there are some ITEMS OF NOTE for you to...uh...note!

*They're a FANGO-a-GOIN': big congrats to MICAH ZURER and TIM BIRD, whose names got pulled out of the magic who will win my Fango ticket giveaway extravaganza? bag. Yes, a bag. I'm feeling far too lazy to go get my hat.

*Get out your calendars and celebrate each month with a horror movie! I've got a new joint, as the kids might say, up over at AMC.

Well, that's all I got today. There's a stack of movies sitting here waiting for my loving gaze- I promise it's the end of the lame as we know it (and I feel something something)!

*WAIT! I FORGOT! A word on link exchanges.

Here's the thing. It's nice for blogs and sites to link to each other- everybody, in theory, gets new readers. Readers get introduced to a new author. Kittens dance in a circle and the world explodes in a sparkling shower of love.

I totally dig getting emails that say something like "I just found your blog and it's swell so I linked to you. Here's my blog, in case you're interested!" If I remember to (when it comes to email-related stuff, I'm terrible. I put off responding to people so I can write something "good", then I promptly forget about it. My participation in the Horror Roundtable has been awful because of this character flaw) I'll click the link, read the blog, and maybe add it to my sidebar if I like it or I think people should know about it.

I've also linked to people I've found randomly, or to people who comment frequently here.

But when I get emails from people demanding a quid pro quo ("If you want me to link to you, you have to link to me as well") or giving me a deadline by which time they will remove the link to me if I don't reciprocate, well, my immediate response is FUCK THAT. You know why? Because I don't fucking care.

As I said, my blogroll is made up of blogs I enjoy reading. That's that. Of course I'd love it if every blog in the world linked to me, but I don't expect anybody to. I've never ever ever asked anyone specifically to link to me, or to exchange, or whatever. Yes, draw my attention to your site- that's cool. But for the love of Charles Nelson Reilly, don't make demands of me and my linkage. It makes me suffer from extreme blog nausea and I do rash things when I start to feel all antsy.

Besides- I find it so much more satisfying when I suddenly find a writer I respect links to FG, doubly so when said writer doesn't link to the entire world. I remember when I first noticed I'd been added to the blogroll at Sunset Gun and how (as corny as it may sound) I was psyched, like I'd passed a test or something. The fact that I'm on the 'roll on awesome sites like Cinebeats and Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule is some sort of...blogging honor or something, as far as I'm concerned. Those blogs are amongst my favorites. Would I not link to them if they never chose to add me? Of fucking course not. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!

I seriously feel the blog bile rising after all this and I hate even bringing it up, but it's been bugging me for a while. Just write and be awesome and let it lie at that, okay?


Anonymous said...

So I finally saw "The Thing" and really enjoyed it, which says something since my reaction to most movies is "meh." Anyways I also saw the "The Ruins" which I guess wasn't horrible, but compared to "The Thing" you could see how it was just lacking in atmosphere. I really thought the "The Thing" just built suspense so well.

Joe said...

Hey I linked you with no strings attached as I am an avid fan. I would however in return like to see the famed illustrious Donna Summer drawing.

Jason Adams said...

"I remember when I first noticed I'd been added to the blogroll at Sunset Gun and how (as corny as it may sound) I was psyched, like I'd passed a test or something."

I felt that way when you linked to me, Stacie! It's like our own lil' Sally Field moment. No one should deprive us of such pleasure!

Anyhoo, welcome back and all.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Funnily enough I felt the same way when I was recently added to Sunset Gun...but I was equally excited to be added to thanks a bunch!

spazmo said...

Since the only time I'm inspired to post stuff is when the Final Film Club rolls around, it would be pretty pushy (and pointless) of me to demand a link from you, Stacie!

Besides, in my heart, our souls are already linked forever. FOREVER, do you hear?

Adam said...

Someone should make a film with PCP-addled Body by Jake from "Home Sweet Home" and speed-addled Crispin Glover from "River's Edge". It'd be box office gold I tells ya!

Unknown said...

Why would anyone want to put any more pressure on you, Stacie?

Then you wouldn't have any time to post on here, and we'll all be seriously missing our bodnding time.

John Barleycorn said...

Heh, I do the same thing. I never auto-link to peeps unless their shit is solid. I don't want my good name associated with crap writing.

That said, here's sixteen links to my site:

Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger
Look Back In Anger

Anonymous said...

hey stacy, I definitely think its wrong to demand you link to a site. I think if you dig the site set up a link, other than that there isnt much reason. I have you lnked to my blog too, but it just means that i really love reading your blogs.

FatalPierce said...

People actually demand that they be linked? I find that to be hilarious. I agree with pretty much everyone here (I think), blogrolls should reflect what the site owner reads and/or likes.

Next time someone gives you some lip like that Stacie just tell them leave the drama to the chipmunk...or prarie dog, or whatever animal you want to call wonder the little guy is so dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Agh, the internets are being effing douchebags again, eh, Stace? Even after all you've done for them?!

Ignore the Lilliputians, O Brobdingnagette!

kindertrauma said...

I admit that the day we got some linkage from this here awesome spot there may have been some jumping up and down on my part. (truth be told there was also a sparkler involved and some Rip Taylor style confetti action.) I agree It would lesson the enjoyment if folks were REQUIRED to link quid pro quo! Plus you got a name to uphold! God knows, I have found so many of my favorite sites from your blogroll and I'm glad it's not just a random list!

Anonymous said...

Ok Stacie, so 4 things.

1. I Love your blog (blablabla - You know the drill!)
2. I, too would love to see this famed Donna Summer drawing (as Disco is my other love along with Horror and yes (sigh) I love Prom Night for obvious reasons).
3. I wanna know your thoughts on 'Train' (if you haven't already discussed).. what a lame 'new' title for another pointless remake (though I am, however liking the R'ness of the trailer...)
4. Check out Hammer's first filmic output in nearly 30 years. 'Beyond The Rave' actually seems rather good thus far! Watch the first 3 episodes at:
Would be interested to see what you think...

Love from London taaan,

Sam (; x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to ask this, but what game is that screen-cap from? The zombie looks rad.

Stacie Ponder said...

"what game is that screen-cap from?"

'tis from the Resident Evil remake, exclusive to GameCube. The game is fucking AWESOME, and even if you've played the original 10,000,000 times it''s like it's not even the same game. SO GOOD!!

Evol Kween said...

Amen to that sister.