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Apr 10, 2008

great news, sports fans...?

It seems that All the Boys Love Mandy Lane may finally see the friggin' light of day: latest intel from the front lines has it pegged for an August release. Gee, that's only a bit more than a year since I saw it!

On the other hand, Bloody-Disgusting is saying that the release date is still up in the air (without actually referring to a release date). I'm just going by info I got this week from the PR company, so who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men if it'll be out in August or not?

Wow, I guess we're still at square one. Or not. Maybe. That didn't answer anything...or did it?

That Mandy Lane, she's such a tease!


Sarah said...

I thought it was coming out in April on DVD...although at this point, I'm getting Mandy Lane and Teeth confused considering they're both movies I've been waiting a year or so to see.

RJ said...

"That Mady Lane, she's such a tese."

It's why all the boys love her, dontcha know?

Chris Cooke said...

We screened Mandy Lane in Nottingham last October and it went down really well (as well as being fucking brilliant in my opinion) but it was released just last month in the UK to pretty much negative reviews classing it misogynist and cliched! sooooo wide of the mark it made me worry I had seen a different film (I hadn't, it really was great). While it might seem that All The Boys love her, it certainly doesn't seem to apply to distributors and british critics.

Unknown said...

The shadow knows........ when Mandy Lane will get released. I actually didnt like it very much. I was really impressed with the filmmakers, but not with the 2nd half of the story. How excited was I to see Anson Mount pop up though? UL:FC, Anyone? I hate to not be on the "cool wagon" for this one, but I guess Ill just have to walk the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

Just give it a 2 week run and then release it on DVD so everyone can see it. Enough already!

Adam said...

"That Mandy Lane, she's such a tease"
In typical blonde fashion.

Bloody Mary said...

Sarah, I also saw it on the list of April DVD releases and assumed that they had scrapped plans to release it theatrically.

Maybe it was just a hee-larious April Fools joke that went over our heads!

Unknown said...

get this movie out already! and I stand by the fact that Hidden Palms should've never got had the chance to be a really creepy show.