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Apr 23, 2008

The Wednesday Bee

Lots of stuff today, kids...lots of stuff! Let's get to it!

Firstly, it's time for another column at AMC's Monsterfest...this time 'round, it's all about our homeboy Jason. Perhaps you've heard of him? He's the one without the snazzy hat. Oh, and be sure to comment over there so the halls don't echo with loneliness and AMC doesn't wonder why they took me on.

Secondly, as we all got our Near Dark on this past Monday, it's time for another Film Club pick!! I myself cannot wait until it's time for...


Yes indeed, we're taking in a 70s made-for-TV movie this time around. What happens when you sell your daughter's soul to the devil? Probably nothing good. Bated breath, you are mine! And if your breath ain't bated yet, well...let's just say that The Devil's Daughter stars Shelley Winters and Abe Vigoda. And Joseph Cotten. And Jonathan Frid. How's your breath now, huh punk?

Get it on Netflix HERE...if you dare!

The film: The Devil's Daughter

The due date: Monday, May 19

Thirdly, I have recently become a wicked proud member of The League of Tana Tea Drinkers, an assembly of fine horror bloggers and me. Check out the roster in my sidebar to the right; I've discovered several amazing new blogs through the League already, and I'm honored to be listed amongst them.

And don't forget about The Lamb, a large assembly of fine movie bloggers and me. Did you know that some people write about movies that aren't horror-related? Weird, huh?

Fourthly, enter my Name That Name Contest! I've gotten some truly stellar suggestions so far, and it may end up being harder to pick one than to come up with one myself. However, something something snowy woods path less taken something. The point is, you guys rock, please keep 'em coming!


Uh, I got no fifthly. Hmm. Guess that's not so much stuff after all.'s a picture of Dr Giggles, looking more like Dr Smirkles.

You know, I'm 99.9% sure I've seen Dr Giggles. Was it so bad that I've blocked out the actual experience of watching it? All I really remember is using a really bad Spanish accent and calling it "Dok-torr Gee-Glayce", which in retrospect isn't terribly funny. Or funny at all, really. Hmm.


FatalPierce said...

You had me at Vigoda.

I don't think I've ever seen Dr. Giggles either. I do know that my brothers used to love it. Which means that there is a fairly good chance that it isn't so great.

Anonymous said...

I saw Dr. Giggles back in the day... before Charmed came along, and I had somewhat of a crush on HMC thanks to picket fences :) But I only remembered about 1% of it, until I watched it again a few months ago. Then everything came rushing back, and I was pretty impressed with how well its aged. The score is amazing and even with all the tongue-in-cheek dialogue, the filmmakers still took it pretty seriously, which always makes me like a horror movie that much more. It could have been a little gorier, but the one seen where young giggles is hiding was pretty awesome and the


"patients in the waiting room" at the end was very macabre, even if it followed the "bodies pop up in the last reel" tradition of slasher films.

**/end spoiler**

Fox said...

I saw *Dr. Giggles* less than a year ago, and I've already forgotten it, so it must have been bad. Anytime I see that guy it's just "the retarded guy from LA Law" that pops in my head. His face and Jeffrey Jones' face creep me out b/c they look so pedoverted... which I guess Jones was.

Excited about seeing *The Devil's Daughter*. Never heard of it until today! Shelly Winters is cool.

Oh, and congrats on your full-time AMC gig! You are now a blogging mentor. :)

kindertrauma said...

Glad to hear about the Tana Tea Drinkers join, What's that song from FREAKS? "Gooba gabba gooba gabba one of us!"

Chloe said...

Gooble Gobble Gooble Gobble. We accept her one of us! One of us! We accept her, we accept her!

...I showed that movie once in highschool. Exactly 3 people showed up. Me, the projectionist, and his girlfriend.

Le sigh.

Chris Cooke said...

I saw Giggles at a festival - great fun, well made, watchable...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Giggles is okay. I remember being very pleased with the Dark Horse Presents tie-in comic which was incredibly funny and appropriately gory, but the movie failed to live up to it. It's amusing but by the numbers.

Manny Coto, the writer/director, went on to create Dead at 21 and now is one of the right wing cranks writing 24.

Anonymous said...

I saw Dr. Giggles quite some time ago, and I don't remember hating it but I don't remember loving it. In fact, I don't remember much about it at al... Larry Drake being typically creepy, a bunch of teenegers in a haunted house and somebody getting like this tube thing put down their throat and all of their organs being sucked out while they're still alive? Is that the movie or just my subconscious speaking?

Anonymous said...

The only thing I remember about this movie was a young Dr Giggles as a child hiding in his mother's corpse to evade capture.

Other than that, I remember nothing about this movie. I have it on videotape. I might have to watch it again.