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Oct 14, 2006

Day 13- videos of fire

Did you know that it's quite simple to change the word "VACATION" into the word "MARATHON" in PhotoShop? It is! Try it sometime and impress your friends!

Well, children, I'm almost ready to begin. I'm going to go get some fresh air and then come back and watch the first feature in my I Want To Be Scared, Dammit! Marathon...what shall it be? I haven't yet decided. For some reason I'm making the choice harder than it needs to be. I tend to make things harder than they need to be all the time, when I put on my pants, I juggle flaming chainsaws at the same time. I'm always up for a challenge, after all. It's just how I am- life on the edge and all that.


Anonymous said...

How many chainsaws?

And what have you chosen to scare yourself with (dammit)?

Amanda By Night said...

I had the same problem last night... I had a chance to watch ANYTHING I wanted and just zone all on my own and I couldn't figure out what to watch. I ended up with a mediocre flick called the New Kids. Tonight - DANIELLE STEEL!

Amanda By Night

Anonymous said...

I'm slow...
it just occurred to me that you referring to us as "children" plus your "tattooed fingers" is a NIGHT OF THE HUNTER reference...
I got the tattoos before, but i didn't get the "children" thing...

Stacie Ponder said...

Wow, cattle...that makes sense to me completely, but sadly it wasn't my intent. Wait, maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

YES! Call me Robert Mitchum.

Anonymous said...

Last night, by coincidence, I watched NIGHT OF THE HUNTER for the very first time (which is appropriate since I owned the DVD for over a year-- I suck...), along with my impressionable poopsie-pie.
As we first see Mitchum's character, doing a monologue with God while driving, my wife, a huge BUFFY/ANGEL/FIREFLY fan, realized that Joss Whedon was referencing this film with his character of Caleb, so that excited her.

The meddling biddy from the ice cream shop, more or less saying that she pretty much "lies back and thinks about canning" during sex, was attention getting and hysterical, considering the movie was made in '55. Also reminded me of odd, conversations with MY mom and her occasional accounts with my dad, which was initially disturbing and just as disturbing upon being reminded ("'Hey, the ceiling needs painting..!' I don't think your father liked me saying that at the time...") Heh, my mom!
Anyways, I enjoyed the movie, but I was not scared a whit, which was very disappointing. What a strange movie!
Weirdly poetic. Especially visually.
And that weird prologue, with the disembodied heads of children listening to the disembodied head of Lillian Gish, floating among the stars... was David Lynch doing an odd reference to NOTH in the beginning of DUNE??
Strangely fairy tale like, sometimes very much so (the whole trip down the river the kids take, with director Laughton's focus on all sorts of animal witnesses).
But there were a number of times that some of the melodramatic acting choices were funny to me and broke the scary moment-- like when the kids slam the basement door on Mitchum's fingers as they run away, his howling reaction made me laugh.
When Lillian Gish shoots at him and he takes a long run out of her house and into the barn, again howling, all the way.
Although, his cry in the water as the kids get away in the skiff is spooky, animal-like, unnerving.

But that rascal Mitchum would've made a great Wolf in a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood.