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Sep 30, 2006

it's here! sorta.

Damn right! Even as a wee bonny lass, it's obvious that my thoughts went something like "Fuck friendly ghosts...ghosts are scary, bitches! Gimme candy or I swear...I will cut you!"

As you may know, October begins tomorrow, wherein the general public accepts that it's ok to watch horror movies (well, really only on Halloween, of course) and some folks in the horror Blog-o-Sphere-o-Universe decide to pull some wacky stunts to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

I am not one to stoop to such stunts simply to--aw, I can't even pretend. I've been looking forward to October 1, 2006 since November 1, 2005! Yes, October means SHOCKtober, wherein I'll be watching and reviewing a movie I've never seen before per day for the 31 day span. And just like last year's all the Friday the 13th flicks in one day and all the Halloween flicks in one day marathons, I've got some more ridiculous, masochistic tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned to watch the last precious flakes of my sanity fall away!

Who else out there has got October/Halloween festivities planned? Give us links in the comments and I'll post 'em up here for all to see.

In the meantime, I think the best way to get myself ready and psyched up for tomorrow is to play Edgar Winter Group's Frankenstein 10,000 times on my fake guitar. Then again, playing Edgar Winter Group's Frankenstein on my fake guitar seems to be my answer for everything. Now then...where's my blacklight and day-glo Silver Surfer poster?


Anonymous said...

In addition to actually getting school credit for watching horror movies (double features every Monday for the duration of Shocktober), my fiends and I are plotting to run the dvd players ragged the weekend before Halloween with a 72 hour non-stop marathon.

While I'm shamelessly self-promoting, I might as well mention the latest entry in my blog, which is about the state of horror, because your two cents would be appreciated.

Also, a little green man with a laser on his arm tells me that Laserblast is floating around amazon used for under five bucks...

Josh DeSlasher said...

Watch Sleepaway Camp, 1, 2, & 3. The Burning. The Prowler. Maniac. And ofcourse, Humongous!

(not sure why I put "ofcourse Humongous", but watch it anyways. I liked it.)


Anonymous said...

I nearly bought a Humoungous poster at the Festival of Fear, but I was running out of money fast and decided against it. It's my biggest regret from the convention. Sigh.

Stacie, I'm going to try and ramp it up for Halloween this year over at THB. I'll be keeping an eye on Schocktober. Don't sprain anything.

Anonymous said...

I saw a big boxed set of all the "Sleepaway Camp" flicks the other day - all remastered, etc. Whaddya think? Worth it? Or is the first one the only really good one?

SikeChick said...

theron, was that the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit? The box set is white and has the look of a first aid kit. I have that and it's pretty awesome with lots of extras and commentary tracks. Highly recommended here.

Stacie, how about a Cronenberg marathon?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was it - thanks!

Stacie Ponder said...

A Cronenberg marathon...hmm...could my brain survive such a thing? :D

Theron, I think the SC box set is totally worth it- I have it myself. The first flick is a classic slasher, the second is one of my favorites (approach it with tongue firmly in cheek), and the third, while the weakest of the bunch, still has some great moments.

Thanks for the movie suggestions, guys...they're ALWAYS welcome!