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Sep 10, 2006

Extra Crispy!

In honor of the horribly disfiguring burns I got on my vacation (OK, I'm peeling a little), I thought I'd share this nugget of AWESOME.

Obviously, a photo of Freddy Krueger holding a press conference is awesome...but it gets better. To celebrate the release of the Nightmare on Elm Street Special Edition, New Line Cinema is putting NOES back in theatres for two nights! Yup, that's so bitchin' it deserves an exclamation mark.

8pm on September 20 and 21, baby, the franchise-launching film will hit select theatres around the country. Here's the Fandango page where you can check for tickets...I got my tickets and I'm oddly really excited about this. I want to see Nancy's big, big hair on the big, big screen! They're also touting something called "Freddy's best kills" which will only be seen at these screenings. I know it'll just be a montage from all the movies, but still- sa-weet.

I want more classic horror films- hell, even bad old horror films- re-released in theatres. Can't one of us make this happen?


Amanda By Night said...

If you moved to LA, you could go to the monthly Grindhouse Fest. Hint, Hint...!

Anonymous said...

Bah! I can't find information on which cities are showing this anywhere. Either the links don't work or I get back a message asking me to check back again closer to the release date. I know it's unlikely that it's coming to Canada, but it would be nice to know for sure.

Clay McClane said...

Short of becoming exhibition moguls, the best way to make this happen is to support it.

Plus, I think they may find this to be a big market, because here we are, us fans of 80's horror, all of age and feeling nostalgic for funny clothes, bad soundtracks, and blood thirsty monsters.

Anonymous said...

I joined this local Yahoo horror club over the summer, and the guy who started it, Ed, posted a message to us few members (very small club so far)(but very sincere)(tho' one member is very longwinded) regarding this NOES thing and we're hoping to go next week.
But, THAT'S not actually why I write: in another franchise related event (well, possibly) did you realize that the 13th of October (OCTOBER, mind you!) falls on a Friday this year?
I'm thinking I personally have to force myself to actually watch all the Friday the 13ths AND Freddy vs. Jason to celebrate.
Wasn't sure if you realized it or not, and if so, wondering if you yourself had anything special planned..?
OH! I forgot, and as a special "additional feature" to the event, I was thinking of checking out Twitch of the Death Nerve, directed by Mario Bava, one of the first body count movies (including two lovers in bed skewered to death...).
Well, that's the grandiose plan: actually, I'll be thrilled if I sit my ass down to watch Friday the 13th Part 2 (egged on by its appearance on various personal fave lists...).

Mob said...

Apparently I have to check back closer to the release date for Nightmare.

Oh well.

I agree that it would be a lot of fun to be able to re-visit some older 'classics' in the theater from time to time.

Stacie Ponder said...

Hey cattle- I did a F13 marathon (all the movies + FvsJ in a day) back in October. Check out the archives, the posts are in there somewhere.

It was exhausting! My advice would be to have a mini-marathon (a Friday the 13th in October is just too good to pass up) with maybe parts 1-4...definitely 1 and 2, though. Staying up all night to catch Part VIII, though...yikes! I did it so you all wouldn't have to. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm checking out Nightmare on Elm Street tonight at the Elmwood Regal in Buffalo, NY at 8:00. See you there in spirit!