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May 5, 2021

News you can...well, I won't say "use"...

...but it is, in fact, news! News of the big variety, even! Beginning with Rue Morgue magazine issue #200, which is on newsstands now, I am officially a columnist! I have a column!

I tells ya, I feel like Marilyn vos Savant of Parade magazine, or maybe some other columnist. Anyway, it's called "Devil's in the Details" and in it, I talk about some of the stupid horror movie details I can't stop obsessing over. If you like reading my stuff here at Final Girl, I think you will like it. If you hate-read my stuff here at Final Girl, perhaps consider hate-reading that as well! I will also continue to contribute reviews and the occasional feature for yon Morgue, but the column is special, and it makes me both pleased and proud that it's a thing. Rue Morgue is available wherever the finest magazines are sold, naturally, but you can also subscribe and have someone (a postal worker, presumably) bring it straight to your door. Huzzah!

Also! I found out yesterday that I won a Rondo Award?? Or more specifically, I was inducted into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame??? What in the world! I am truly honored, truly, so thank you to everyone who sent 'em my name. I am still in shock.

I am also in shock because whomever that woman in the photograph is that accompanies the little write-up about me/Final Girl, she is not me. At least, I don't think she is? Then again, this has been a long pandemic so who knows. Do I recognize myself anymore? Am I even alive? 

Anyway, you can read all about the winners and see that mystery photo right here. Please, no one ever tell them that it is not me! I want her to be there forever, as it is honestly completely fitting that there is a picture of some random woman on the thing where I won a thing. I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Nicholas Kaufmann said...

Oh my God, who is that woman? LOL! Congrats on both the column and the Rondo!

Stacie Ponder said...

Hahahahaa thank you! I LOVE HER

Unknown said...

I think that lady is the first who comes up ona Google image search of you.
I did that when I started listening (I always wonder if the podcast people look like they do in my head) to gaylords.